Where To Find Fish In Horizon Zero Dawn

Where To Find Fish In Horizon Zero Dawn
Two of the many rare and valuable resources you need to collect in Horizon Zero Dawn are Fish Bones and Fish Scales, both of which come from fish. Imagine that eh? This guide will tell you Where To Find Fish In Horizon Zero Dawn in a single place with multiple spawns so you can max out your carrying capacity upgrades as quickly as possible.

Fish can be found in many of the lakes and rivers in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn but if you’re anything like me, you’re probably not having much luck. I was constantly checking the rivers and streams and sometimes found the odd fish, but nowhere near enough to get the Fish Bones and Fish Scales I needed for crafting. But worry not, we’ve got the perfect spot.

Where To Find Fish In Horizon Zero Dawn

Where To Find Fish In Horizon Zero Dawn
You want to reach the lake featured in the screenshot above. It’s not a very dangerous area at lower levels but there are some Snapmaw nearby so if you’re under level 10, be cautious. In the lake you will find several spawns of fish, most of which respawn rather quickly if you just swim to the other side.

Be sure to use your Focus Sense and you will see the fish outlined in blue under the water. Take a shot with your bow and then head in for your rewards.

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