Where To Find Frozen Flames In God Of War

Where To Find Frozen Flames In God Of War
Want to upgrade your weapon with Frozen Flames in God of War? This guide will tell you Where To Find Frozen Flames In God Of War so you can pimp out your axe and level it up to its maximum capacity. Frozen Flames are rare and valuable drops and are required for every level of advancing your axe. Increasing the power of your axe is vital to progression and goes a long way to helping with the arena and other challenging end-game and side content.

Frozen Flames are a limited resource. They are not available as drops from regular enemies and you won’t find many laying around on the floor. There are a number of Frozen Flames you collect as you progress through the story. Below is a list of the Frozen Flame locations we have discovered so far.

Frozen Flame #1
Before you are able to craft anything or upgrade your Axe you must progress through the story until you meet one of the dwarf brothers. He will introduce the crafting and upgrading mechanics to you in a brief tutorial. Part of this tutorial involves the dwarf handing you a Frozen Flame, this is your first.

Frozen Flame #2

Your second Frozen Flame comes much later in the story. As you ascend the mountain through the Foothills in a story quest, you will be attacked by a huge troll. Once you defeat the Troll you will find another Frozen Flame as a reward from its remains.

Frozen Flame #3

The third Frozen Flame is found while you are climbing the mountain, when you get into the Heart of the mountain. When you get the crane working inside the mountain a Troll will climb out from below and you will have to face it. After you kill the Troll, you get another Frozen Flame along with some other loot.

Frozen Flame #4

The Fourth Flame is at the end of of the main mission called The Magic Chisel. After you beat the boss, it will drop the Frozen Flame and you can upgrade your Axe again.

Frozen Flame #5
The final Frozen Flame, that gets your weapon to level 6, is only available after you complete the main story. Once you do, return to the blacksmiths shop and search the buy resources tab. You can purchase a Frozen Flame here in exchange for a Chilling Mist of Niflheim. You obtain Chilling Mist of Niflheim through the Niflheim Mists sub area where you clear out mazes of enemies. The last chest you open in the center of Niflheim will contain the Chilling Mist of Niflheim.

That’s everything for Where To Find Frozen Flames In God Of War.

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