Where To Find Gajalaka Doodle Tracks In Monster Hunter World

Where To Find Gajalaka Doodle Tracks In Monster Hunter World
Need to find 10 Gajalaka Doodles? This guide will tell you Where To Find Gajalaka Doodle Tracks In Monster Hunter World so you can complete the quest and continue to proceed with the Grimalkyne quest chain. Once you collect the quest you will have an urgent mission to complete, Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics.

This is a mission you can unlock only after you complete all of the Grimalkyne quests and unlock all the different Palico Gadgets.

It is important when doing this quests to try and make sure that the Lynian Researcher is on the map. You can see what researchers are on what maps when you highlight the map on the Expedition screen. This marks the general area for you to find the Gajalaka Doodles on each map. Below is the location of the Lynian Researcher so that you can use them to find the nearby Gajalaka Doodles.

Ancient Forest Gajalaka Doodles – x3

Ancient Forest Gajalaka Doodles

Wildspire Waste Gajalaka Doodles – x4

Wildspire Waste Gajalaka Doodles
When I first went to Wildspire Waste I could only find 3 Gajalaka Doodles. However, after getting 9 total I returned to Wildspire Wastes to find a fourth. It’s in a small tunnel above where the Lynian Researcher is.

Coral Highlands Gajalaka Doodles – x3

Coral Highlands Gajalaka Doodles
The Gajalaka Doodles in Coral Highlands are separated over a couple of levels, use the tendrils to climb and explore.

Once you have found 10 Gajalaka Doodles return to town and speak with the Lynian Researcher at the Ecological Research Center to complete this quest. That’s it for our Where To Find Gajalaka Doodle Tracks In Monster Hunter World guide, if you have any questions post below.

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