Where To Find Guns In Dying Light

Where To Find Guns In Dying Light
Guns in Dying Light are few and far between but can be found if you know where to look. Question is would you rather use a melee weapon or an assault rifle? This guide will help you find guns scattered throughout the city of Harran.

Where To Find Guns In Dying Light

As stated above guns are hard to find.

Bandits – Far and away the easiest way for you to get guns is to kill bandits. You can find bandits during a ton of side missions and they will have Assault rifles and high class melee weapons. You can also find them at air supply drops so be sure to check those often. If you have the drop on them toss a Molotov onto them and they will burn to death without you even having to fight them. If you get caught up in a fight with them try to lure them to zombies so they are distracted. If you have the power hit ability they CANNOT block that.

Doing side quests might also lead to bandits with rifles. Any of the quests that say you might have to deal with Rais’ men or bandits could have a gun waiting for you.

Police Vans – This is a great second choice for those of you who don’t have issues lock picking. I put this as two because of the 25+ vans I’ve searched, only 3 had pistols inside. Clear all the zombies in a given area and start to lock pick them. My best advice is to go slow with the picking. Once you get even a slight amount of movement without resistance remember that spot. The very hard locks have a very specific spot you need to use to unlock it. Move it bit by bit until you get the sweet spot and collect your reward. Even if you don’t get a gun these also hold great melee weapons and loot.

Once you get the bonus zip lines you can use them to cross the bridge to the other broken part of the bridge. This spot has about 8 police vans and tons of zombies around. You can use the tent roofs to avoid most the zombies and loot the vans without to much trouble. This is not until later in the game.

Shops – Not a reliable or cheap option by any means but the only spot I’ve found a shotgun so far. When the stores get new stock they will occasionally have guns for sale if you have the cash. I don’t like to buy them but if you have none and this is the only option you have take it. Just be sure you have some extra ammo for the gun or else you will feel like an idiot when you pull it out.

From a Comment left by Zauyrio – To get firearms: Get past “dealing with Rais” main quest storyline, and get up to level 10 (in most things), then they should start dropping in loot crates, police cars (the broken part of the bridge is really, really good for this, especially if you got a friend. Loot transitions over from co-op to single player)

I’m still exploring Harran so if I find a sweet spot with guns I will be sure to update. If any of you know any good spots with guns please leave a comment below.

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