Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Items In Mass Effect Andromeda

Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Items In Mass Effect Andromeda
Whether you pre-ordered Mass Effect Andromeda, picked up the Digital Deluxe Edition or paid for the Collector’s Edition, there’s a wealth of cool items and weapons to get. This guide will tell you Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Items In Mass Effect Andromeda regardless of the package you purchased.

There’s a collection of different items you can obtain for pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda including rare and powerful weapons and armor, paint jobs for the Nomad and even a cool monkey pet to take on your travels throughout the Andromeda galaxy.

Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Items In Mass Effect Andromeda

The items are very easy to obtain but they can be easily missed. You have to progress through the main story until you unlock the ability to board the Tempest, this is your personal ship in Mass Effect Andromeda. Once aboard the Tempest you can enter various rooms on the ship, including your personal quarters. To reach your personal quarters take the North corridor from the Research Center and go down the ladder just before the door to the Bridge. Ryder’s Quarters are directly below the Bridge.

As you enter the room take a right and you’ll see Ryder’s desk. Atop the desk are various items you can use including an Email Terminal and SAM. On the end of the desk is another item you can interact with that has the delivery for your special items. Simply interact with this object to find all of the pre-order and DLC items in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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