Where To Find The Samurai Set In Monster Hunter World

When you pre order Monster Hunter World you will gain access to a Samurai Armor Set. Claiming the DLC is one thing but finding out where the armor is can be tricky. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find The Samurai Set In Monster Hunter World.

How To Equip The Samurai Set In Monster Hunter World

First thing you need to do is get through the tutorial. This involves hunting the yellow Raptor things for the first quest and returning to your base. After you go through all the dialogue, head into your room and talk with the cat near your Red Chest. Here you can claim your DLC items, including the Samurai armor set. Now you have to go to your red chest and go to the bottom where it says change appearance. The Samurai set is not actual armor but you can wear it in the world as a cosmetic item. Equip it there if you want to use it. You can change your whole set or just bits and pieces. You can also change the color of each piece or the whole set if you want to look a little different. Just click the color bar beneath after you equip the armor set. Oh if you don’t like the helmet you can turn them off in the options menu.

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