Fire Emblem Echoes Rare Gear And Powerful Weapon Location Guide

Fire Emblem Echoes Rare And Powerful Weapon Location Guide
Fire Emblem Echoes is full of rare and powerful weapons that you can find. Some of these are easy to get and others are hidden pretty well in the game. Check out this Fire Emblem Echoes Rare Gear And Powerful Weapon Location Guide for help finding them all.

Fire Emblem Echoes Rare And Powerful Weapon Locations

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 1 Rare Weapons

The Steel Bow and Leather Shield are both pointed out to you so I am not going to list those, grab them when they pop up during fights.

Lightning Sword – This will be the first powerful weapon you can pick up and it is very good early game. When you get to the outpost and free the Prisoner you can find this in the War Room. It is leaning up against the table, there is also a Rusty sword in the the room. I’m not 100% sure what the Rusty Sword does yet but I think it will be useful later so pick it up.

Dracoshield – Honestly I can’t be 100% sure about this one but hopefully someone can confirm for me. During the battle of Zofian Castle you will face Slayde and another General who has the Dracoshield. If you defeat Slayde the guy with the shield will run, but if you defeat the guy with the Dracoshield you should get his shield.

Ridersbane – I will add the name when I get back to Alm and company. After you enter Zofian Castle you will be able to enter the Treasure Room. In the Treasure Room you can find the Special Spear leaning against a table. You can also find a Iron Shield and a Steel Lance in the Central Hall on the Knight armor. This spear is good against Cavalry and comes with Anti-Cavalry on it.

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 2 Rare Weapons

Rusted Shield – This can be found in the Pirate throne Treasure Room on the wall above a bookshelf. There is also a Iron Sword and a Steel Sword in the room. The Iron Sword is under the Shield and the Steel Sword is up against a chest you can’t open.

Blessed Ring – You get this by defeating the NecroDragon at the Seabound Shrine. I’ll be honest, this is a hard fight. I got lucky with two Crits in a row with my Archer and my Strong Mage and that’s the only way I beat it without losing anyone. The Dragon went right for my healer as soon as I got to close and it missed thankfully. The Ring regens 5 hp Per turn.

Blessed Sword – After defeating the NecroDragon you can then enter the Seabound Shrine. When you get to the end with the Stat boost fountains, destroy the cracked wall in the center and go to the deeper into the Shrine. Fight all the way down and clear out the Gargoyles to find two more breakable walls with two more Shrines behind it. Down the stairs near there you will find a chest with the Blessed Sword. It has Recovery and Anti Terror on it.

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 3 Rare Gear

Fire Emblem Echoes Alm Rare And Powerful Weapon Locations

Blessed Ring – This is for Alm and Crew. When you face the knights at the Forest Crossroads, the boss units will drop this when you defeat him. It will regen 5 HP per turn.

Royal Sword – Kind of hard to miss but you can find it in the Desaix’s Fortress War Room in a chest. Only Alm can wield it at the moment.

Royal Shield – This is from a quest you get from the Eerie Hermit, here’s our side quest guide.

Blessed Spear – Rescueing one of the villager’s daughters with Alm will unlock this spear when you return. Here is our site quest guide.

Fire Emblem Echoes Celica Rare And Powerful Weapon Locations

Shadow Sword – Defeating Blake on the battle map will get you his Shadow Sword. The Sword heals you after you kill a unit but it will also damage you from time to time. I am not sure what triggers it to damage you, but it killed my guy one time and I had to rewind time to bring him back. You can also evolve the sword at the smithy into a Brave sword so you don’t risk killing yourself.

Coral Ring – This can be found in the Dragon Shrine. Enter the Shrine and go to the area where there are three branching paths, take the left path. Follow the beach to the end and then take the little tunnel down deeper until you run into a NecroDragon. You have to defeat three of them on the battle map and in the next room you will find a chest with the Coral Ring.

Devil Axe – You can find this Axe in Grieth’s Citadel Interior at the entrance. If it near the spears, the vases and the torch on the right side.

We are updating this as well go so check back soon for more Fire Emblem Echoes Gear!