Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide

Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide
Side quests in Fire Emblem Echoes are a great way for you to earn some extra cash and gear. Some of these you will stumble upon in town and others are hidden in the game world. Check out this Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide for help finding and completing them all!

Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quests

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 1 Side Quests

Side Quest 1 – If you go back to Ram village and talk to one of the Villagers he will ask for Ram wine, you can get it from the Thieve’s Shrine. Thanks to Fitz for the info.

Side Quest 2 – ANother quest from Ram Village has you killing 20 Thieves in the Thieve’s Shrine. Run through and clear out enemies until you hit 20 and return to the Village. Thanks to Fitz for the info.

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 2 Side Quests

Man In Seabound Shrine – To find this guy you need to get through half of the Seabound Shrine. In order to access the Shrine you first have to kill the NecroDragon though. He is a Fisherman and he wants meat, I didn’t try fish so I am not 100% sure if that counts or not for him. If you give him some meat he will give you 30 Silver coins. I found the meat in the village of Tavern before you leave on the ship.

Alessio – Alessio can be found in the Zofia Harbor and he wants some Coral Fragments. You can find one at the entrance of the the Zofia Harbor and I also found some in the Seabound Shrine.

Cheese Lover – The Cheese Lover can be found in the Zofia Castle Central Hall. He wants Cheese in any form. I had Holey cheese and I believe that was also from the Tavern in the town before I left on the ship. This will get you some Honey.

Zombie Killing – There’s a guy back at Celica’s priory who asks you to kill 20 zombies at the graveyard above, similar to the woman who asks you to kill the thieves in Act 1.
I didn’t get this until chapter 4 and the zombies no longer spawn in the Graveyard so you need to get this during chapter 2. Thanks to Kneekicker for the info.

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 3 Side Quests

Fire Emblem Echoes Alm Side Quests

Cheese Lover 2 – Any new cheese you get you can turn into the Cheese lover in the Zofia Castle. When I switched over to Alm I had blue cheese which got me a Medical Syrup from him.

Cheese Lover 3 – The last cheese you can give the guy is the Pegusus Cheese, which you can get from Lord Rion by returning his shield to him. Thanks to Glorixz for the info.

Lord Rion – Another person inside the Zofia Castle in the Central Hall. He wants you to help him find the Rion Shield. You find the Rion Shield in the Desert Stronghold War Room with Celica. You need to give it to the Peddlar and he will get it to Alm. Don’t worry if you use up the Peddler during chapter 3 to hand something else off to Alm, more appear in Chapter 4.

Scholarly Man – You can find this quest in the Treasure Room of the Zofia Castle. He wants you to find him the Lima Armlet in a cemetery near the Deliverance hideout. The Armlet is on a level 16 enemy that comes with a pack of 3 other Undead level 16 enemies, so be sure you can handle that or save before trying. When you enter the hide out, go until you can go left, right or straight and go left. There will be a wall you can break down by attacking it. Behind that wall is a Chest and a mummy looking enemy that has the Armlet. when you return it to the man you will get 30 Silver Marks and your Renown will increase.

Gargoyle Hunting – This is found in the Forest Village from the Man at House 2. He wants you to clear the Gargoyles out from the Western Shrine and rescue his daughter. If you kill the Gargoyles and talk to the girl at the Mila Shrine in the Western Shrine she will run out and back home. Return to the Village for a Blessed Lance.

Eerie Hermit – After you get the Royal Sword, return to Zofia Castle and speak to the hermit in the Throne room. He will tell you that a beast has appeared in the royal Tombs, the same area you did the Scholarly Man’s quest. Make sure you bring some magic to this fight because the beast has a strong defense level. You will get a Royal Shield for beating the mission and a big boost to renown.

Fire Emblem Echoes Celica Side Quests

Royal Chef – Talk to this guy in the Zofia Harbor. He wants you to find him a Dagon fish so he can cook a meal to not get killed. He will tell you that the Angler in the Tavern can catch one, so talk to him. He will only be there if you have saved him from the NecroDragon at the Seashore Shrine. When you talk to him he says he needs a clear strong line. The item can be found on a spectral dragon fought by talking to the statue in one of the early rooms of the Fear Mountain Shrine Dungeon. Thanks to Ikesrally for the info.

Lord Fugue – Another guy in the Tavern of Zofia Harbor named Lord Fugue will ask you to find his Shield. Similar to the quest that Alm has to get the Rion Shield, he wants his Shield as well. The Fugue Shield can be found in the Grieth’s Citadel War Room on the floor near the table, return it to Fugue for a Golden Apple.

Tired Lady – This quest is found in the Mountain Village from the Tired Lady at the house. She wants help finding her son who was headed to the Dragon Shrine. Go to the Dragon Shrine and follow it until the path branches three different ways. Take the left path and follow the beach to the second ship, there is a journal there. Pick that up and return to the lady to complete the quest. Come back after another battle for a 50 Silver reward.

Lumberjack – Another quest in the House in the Mountain Village. This guy just wants an Axe to replace the one he lost during the raid. I used the Peddler to get a weak Axe from Alm that I got in Ram Village near Grandpa’s house.

Fish Lover – In the Mountain Village you can find the Fish Loving Man in the Square. He will want some Dried Sunfish which you should have from your journey across the sea. He will give you some more Cheese that you will want to save for the Cheese Loving Man, or you can give it to the Peddler near there and he will hand it to Alm.

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 4 Side Quests

Fire Emblem Echoes Alm Side Quests

Sluice Keeper – The man at the Sluice Gate will ask you for some Bonewalker Oil to help with the rust on the Sluice Gate. You have to kill Bonewalkers in order to get them to drop, I had some on Celica already. You will get 10 silver as a reward, same as if you were to sell it. You can keep doing this, Kneekicker gave six to him and could still give more.

Fire Emblem Echoes Celica Side Quests

Flustered Cleric – This is at the Temple of Mila. After both Celica and Alm turn their water wheels you can explore the lower floors of the Temple of Mila with Celica. If you go all the way to the end you can recruit Nomah and pick of the Silver Platter of the floor. Go to Mila’s Chamber and talk to the Flustered Cleric there and hand it over for your reward.

We are updating this Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide as we go so check back soon!