Fire Emblem Fates Boon And Bane Guide

Fire Emblem Fates Boon And Bane Guide
In Fire Emblem Fates you will create your own character at the start of the game. Here you will get to choose one Boon and one Bane to help you characters growth throughout the game. Check out this list to find out which Boon does what!

Fire Emblem Fates Boon And Bane List

If you haven’t figured out what Boon and Bane is yet, basically Boon is a boost and Bane is a weaken. So if you want to build a strong character, you might sacrifice magic or speed. They don’t play a massive role at the start of your journey but they do help with stat growth.

Boon List

Clever – If you take Clever as a Boon you will have an increase to magic. If you plan on playing a Magic type character this would be helpful to you.

Deft – This Boon will increase your Skill stat and your Skill stat Growth rate. Skill is for ranged attacks,landing attacks, and crit chance. in general.

Quick – If you take Quick as a Boon you will get an increase to the Speed Stat and Speed Growth. With more speed you can move further on the battle map.

Lucky – This Boon will increase your Luck Skill and increase your Luck Growth rate. Luck has to do with finding items and surviving fatal blows I believe.

Sturdy – Sturdy will increase your Defense skill and your Defense Growth rate. If you plan to be a tanky guy or play a little risky, you will want high Defense.

Calm – The Boon of Calm will increase your Resistance skill and Resistance Growth rate. This basically means your Magic Defense.

Robust – This Boon will increase your Max Hp and Max Hp Growth rate. Really good for anyone you plan on taking a few hits with.

Strong – Strong will increase your Strength skill and your Strength Growth rate. The more strength you have, the harder you will be able to hit with normal attacks.

Bane List

Dull – Dull will lower your Magic skill and decrease your Magic Growth rate.

Weak – Weak will lower your Strength skill and decrease the Strength Growth rate for your character.

Sickly – This Bane gives you lower overall HP and decreases your HP Growth rate. Only take this one if you are feeling brave.

Excitable – This Bane lowers your Resistance skill and Resistance Growth rate. Magic really hurts in this game so you should really avoid this one.

Fragile – The Bane Fragile will low your Defense stat and Defense Growth rate. This isn’t a good one to take because odds are you will take damage sooner or later.

Unlucky – If you go with the Unlock Bane you will lose some Luck and Luck Growth rate. .

Clumsy – If you take this Bane you will take a hit to your Skill stat and decreases the Skill Growth rate.

Slow – As the name would imply you lose Speed and Speed Growth rate with this Bane.

Your Talent is the class that you will become later in the game. This is much later in the game but you should choose something that goes with your play style. If you want to be a strong attacks go with Fighter, Samurai, or Mercenary. Magic characters go with Mage or Apothecary and so on.

  • Marc D. Irvin

    skill affects crits not luck

    • I will update it now thank you!

    • Charles Davis

      they both do . skill effect your chance to crit . Luck effect your chance to get crit

  • Boob

    Speed doesn’t affect move distance.
    Apothecary doesn’t have magic. It’s like a weird support class.
    Taking excitable isn’t the worst. Corrin’s resistance isn’t good enough to hold up even if you don’t.
    Luck doesn’t do… whatever you said it does. It lowers chance of enemy crits, and raises dodge rate, (at a lower rate than speed, of course).
    Also, I believe that each of these bane/boons also has another stat that they raise/lower.

    • Sword/Axe Hero

      I’ve also noticed that Luck has a minor but appreciable effect on Hit Rate. Sorry, Berserkers.

  • Richard Shiflett

    +Strength, -Defense is one of the beat combos.

  • Paul Teevan

    Poorly researched, its not hard to google these things you know:

    Skill affects hit chance and crit chance. It works the same way for long range or close range attacks. IMO its a poor Boon choice.

    Speed has NOTHING to do with move rate. Speed affects evasion, and units with +4 speed (factoring in weapon penalties and bonuses) can land follow up attacks on there opponents, weapon allowing.

    Luck has nothing to do with finding items. Luck contributes to evasion, though less than speed and also to Crit avoid. It can also determine the activation chance on certain skills. It only protects against fatal blows if a unit has the skill Miracle (irr luck% to be left with 1 hp after a fatal hit), a priest skill irrc.

    You are correct about sturdy, though Sturdy does not provide a particularly large boost to def.

    You are correct about resistance. Resistance also lowers the chance of enemy staves working on you. Speed does NOT affect your dodge rate vs staves irrc (it does against tomes)

  • Araschon

    Really dude? Why is this the 2nd google result when so much of your information is inaccurate? Would it have killed you to do some actual research.

  • Sword/Axe Hero

    Max HP is class dependent, not character dependent. You could have a Robust Berserker and a Sickly Berserker and both would still have a 70 HP cap.
    Speed has no affect on Movement; rather, unit classifications (such as heavily armored or mounted) does.
    Apothecaries are not mages. They’re bow/yumi-wielding physical classes.
    Luck lowers enemy critical hit rates and grants minor bonuses to hit rate. For Keaton, it affects item finding, and for units with Miracle, it affects survivability.