Fire Emblem Three Houses Lesson Guide

Teaching your students is a vital part of Three Houses. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Lesson Guide provides a walkthrough of the best ways to teach your students in class by combining the different options available such as instructing, group tasks and assigning goals.

There are several parts of teaching. Instructing, group tasks, goals and exams. This guide focuses primarily on the more basic aspects of teaching, showing you how each of the different options work.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Lesson Guide

This is the command you will mostly focus on. Each student has a moral level, marked by the smiling face next to their portrait. You want to focus on ensuring you maximize morale use every lesson. Select a student and focus on their goals. You may also see a small symbol, a group of three starts. Focusing on this particular stat opens further boosts so it’s very much worth the investment.

When you use this to teach your students, it will automatically apply training. It usually picks students that have max moral and applies the max training to them. It focuses on the goals set previously. It’s a very viable way of teaching as it’s fast but doesn’t allow you to hyper specialize characters and goals and you also cannot get perfects for morale boosts that allow further training.

Group Tasks
These are small, automated missions. When selecting group tasks you will see a set of tasks, each focuses on raising a specific skill. You want to focus on using characters already proficient in a skill. For example, using two characters with Heavy Armor strengths to clean the weeds greatly increases the chance of success.

Outside of your instructions, students learn and evolve on their own. Specifically, they will progress in the two skills set as their goals. If you wish a student to excel in a particular area, it’s best to change their goals to reflect your needs.

During the lecture students will ask special questions. Answering these questions correctly provides up to +50 in a boost to morale.

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