Fire Emblem Three Houses Student Likes And Dislikes Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Student Likes And Dislikes Guide
Recruiting new students in Fire Emblem Three Houses can be tricky. You need to know what a student likes and what they dislike in order to get them quicker. Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses students likes and dislikes guide to figure them all out.

Black Eagles Like/Dislikes

You can use the info to get better gifts for students and it can help you know what conversations to use during Tea. You can also use this to help you recruit Black Eagles students.

EdelgardTalented individuals, debating historical viewpoints and strategies, nature, beautiful sceneryOutdated values, Crests, rats, chains, swimming, losing controlReading
Solitary exploration
HubertIrony, coffee, intelligence, useful peopleThe Church Of Seiroes, those who bother Edelgard, gambling, heights, nostalgia, lazinessStrategy and tactics research
Protecting Edelgard
FerdinandHorseback riding, tea, justice, being noble, heightsSlothfulness, nobles who are not nobleBeing noble
Collecting armor
LinhardtSleeping in, midday naps, reading, fishing, sweets, freedomFighting, blood, weapons, duty, self-improvement, politics, ghostsSleeping
Crest research
CasparFighting, training, vanquishing evilLiars, injustice, wasting time, the rainTraining
Early morning and quick breakfests
BernadettaReading, drawing, music, embroidery, unusual creatures, stuffed animals, solitudeSpeaking to people, imposing figures, overbearing fathersKnitting and embroidery
Writing and illustrating novels
DorotheaSinging, acting, music, decorative ornaments and accessories, small animalsArrogant nobles, herselfSinging
A bit of everything
PetraSwiming in the ocean, sunshine, climbing trees, family, her homelandMathematics, idleness, disciminationHunting and hide tanning

Blue Lions Likes/Dislikes

You can use this info to help you recruit people from the blue lions, or use it to improve your relationship with them.

IngridFood samples, meaty meals, looking after horses, tales of chivalry, virtuous knightsExtravagance, hunger, the people of DuscurReading
DimitriCombat, high-quality weapons, strength training, going for long rides, physically laborious workDelicate work, fragile objects, scorching heat, selfish peopleBattle Training
Weapon Maintenance
DedueFlowers, gardening, needlework, arts and craftsAnyone who tries to hurt DimitriHousekeeping
FelixFighting, high-quality weapons, spicy foods, hunting, meatLevity, sweets, chivalry, his fatherSword Practice
Weapon Maintenance
AsheSweets, tales of chivalry, travel journals, looking after children, violetsGhosts, enclosed spaces, violence, deceptionReading
SylvainWomen, lively places, board gamesUnclean spaces, jealousy, hot daysFine Art and Theater
MercedesSweets, needlework, ghost stories, adorable things, painting, reading, fragrant flowersSpicy foods, exercisePraying
AnnetteCleaning, doing laundry, morning walks, getting dressed upIndolence, dark places, hard-to-reach places that need a good dusting, coffeeStudying
Singing and Dancing

Golden Deer Likes/Dislikes

You can use this info to help you recruit people from the blue lions, or use it to improve your relationship with them.

ClaudeFeasts, long rides, archery, topics of curiosityBlind reliance on Gods, leaving things to chance, being bound by common senseTactical Scheming
Planning Feasts
LorenzTea, red roses, art, worthy women, anything that befits nobilityCoffee, injustice, filth, foul odors, vulgarityMonitoring Claude
Writing Poetry
RaphaelPure protein, muscles, training, his baby sisterBook learning, unfinished mealsBodybuilding
IgnatzArt, the Goddess, the Four Saints, striking landscapes, faraway lands, peace and quiet, beautiful flowersPeople who don't appreciate art, stressful situations, lightningPainting
Collecting Art Supplies
LysitheaSweets, cute things, liliesBeing treated like a kid, anything physically laborious, ghosts, bitter foodsMagic and Tactics Research
Eating Sweets(secretly)
MarianneThe Goddess, birds and other animals, reading, delicate flowersHerself, Crests, tidying upPraying
Talking To Animals
HildaFashion, chatting, persuasion, singing, dancing, colorful flowersEffort, exhaustion, responsibility, extreme heat or coldChatting
Making Accessories
LeonieJeralt, military arts, competition, hunting, fishing, gardening, collecting and reusing discarded objectsDefeat, decadence, debt, poisonous creaturesSaving Money
Bow Maintenance

When I figure out some of the staff likes/dislikes I will update that guide, so check back soon for more.

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