Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Guide – All Endings

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Ending Guide

One of the new events in Genshin Impact is hanging out with the characters. Check out this Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Guide – All Endings guide to get all the endings and all the gems. This way you don’t have to repeat it each and every time.

  • Ending #1 – Untimely Enthusiasm
  • Ending #2 – The Taste Of Hard Work
  • Ending #3 – A Holiday In Mondstadt
  • Ending #4 – A Fiery Flavor From Liyue
  • Ending #5 – Incompletely Cured

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Guide

We have a hangout guide for Noelle here as well – check it out.

Untimely Enthusiasm Ending
This ending isn’t great, but you need to get it for the gems. For this one you will have to offer to get rid of the man that is trying to find Barbara when you meet here. Then follow these choices.

When you speak with Albert do this choice.

Barbara Fan Club?
He is surprised that you haven’t heard of it before. He tells you about the fan club and then he will admit he doesn’t even know if she is around. This will lead into three more choices.

From there, listen to him until three more options come up and pick this one.

It is dangerous here
He says that he knows, and that is why he is here. He then suggests that you follow the berries to find Barbara, which leads to more choices.

Then pick this one.

I think you searched most the areas
Albert says maybe, but this is the only place the plant can be. He will then ask if you have seen Barbara.

Lastly, pick this one.

Lots of monsters in the area
He says no way, I couldn’t mistake the noise of a monster with that of Barbara. You then have to follow Albert. This will end with you getting the Untimely Enthusiasm ending, which doesn’t actually involve you hanging out with Barbara.

The Taste Of Hard Work Ending
Oh so you picked all the berries?
He says yes that he did, and then he tells you about the Barbara fan club.

Lots of monsters so it is dangerous here
He knows and that is why he is looking for Barbara.

Ask him how he knows she is out here
He says that he heard it from the sister, and that he thought he heard her earlier.

Do you still hear her now?
He says that you are right, he hasn’t heard her. He will head back to the city and he hands you the red Wolfhooks. Now you can return to Barbara and tell her that he left.

When you meet with Barbara outside the forest, there is one last choice. She wants you to report back to the church on her behalf. If you pick the wrong choice, the hangout ends.

Leave it to us
She will thank you and you will have to do some cleaning around the church when you get back. Use hydro or ameno to get it done. After you are done then Barbara will invite you out to drinks.

Your chilibrew
Barbara will tell you what is needed and then ask if you want to split up.

Stick together
Barbara says that is fine with her. She says she can gather the ingredients without a care in the world with you by her side. Head to the next way point and you have a fight with some enemies before getting another choice.

I slipped a disc
She says that you handled the fight easily, but notices that you got a cut. She will then heal you and another man will appear who got hurt by monsters. Here is the big one, many options here.

The leader of the Springvale Hunters, what was his name?
He will still convince Barbara to heal him, but she has to find the right herbs.

I’ll watch him
She sets out for lamp grass but wants you to make sure no monsters get to the man.

This fellow could do with some monster hiding practice
The man agrees to hide and you and Barbara set out for some herbs. When you return with the herbs, you get another choice.

I’m watching you
Barbara will then heal the man, and he admits that he is a treasure hunter. He also gets you the herbs you need for the drink.

What if you were on your own?
She explains she would have done things differently, but you were there. She will then make the chilibrew for you.

You’ve got an interesting taste in drinks
She says she is the only one in the city who actually likes it. She then tells you the story of why she likes it. Then for the next choice, it doesn’t matter because you get the same answer regardless.

Chilibrew is a reflection of your determination
Barbara will thank you and tell you that she will heal you whenever you need.

A Holiday In Mondstadt Ending
For this one you need to start with telling Barbara that you two should go deeper into the woods to avoid the voice.

Won’t your family be worried?
She tells you that her dad is on a journey and that her sister is busy. Barbara says she can handle this much though.

Look at Barbara with an innocent gaze
She says well, atleast it is fixed now. She then says she needs to find red Wolfhooks.

We can look together
Barbara will thank you and you guys begin the search. The Red Wolfhooks are found inside the big tipped over logs and on a tree stump nearby.

I’ll tell the sister
Now head back to Barbara and tell here that you will report back for her. Clean up the cathedral and then Barbara will pop up again.

Fantastic summer serendipity coral
Barbara says the line is very long, so you guys should get there quickly. Talk to the sister and then go meet up with Barbara near the cafe. You then need to talk the people into leaving Barbara alone.

You can start by being considerate to others
Susie agrees and will leave Barbara alone for now. Next is on to Herman.

You won’t mind if I check with Ellin on that?
Herman gets spooked and agrees to leave Barbara alone. Last is Schulz.

Barbara is currently working
The man say’s he is sorry and the crowd leaves. The next choice doesn’t matter, you explain the same either way. You guys walk and chat, then you get a few more options.

You must be exhuasted
Barbara says that she is used to it by now, but still thanks you for the help. You two chat some more and then finished your drinks and get the ending.

A Fiery Flavor From Liyue
We are going for the Chilibrew again, so start at The Deaconess’s Gratitude in the hangout storyline

Sure let’s split up
You have to talk to the sister then go and collect some chilis near the stone gate. Then head back to where Barbara should be.

Paimon Choice
This one doesn’t matter, either way you are looking for Barbara. When you find her she is hiding and you surprise her.

We thought something might have happened
She says she is sorry, and tells you that some treasure hoarders appeared. They have caught a merchant and Barbara won’t just let that happen. Barbara then asks for your help with the hoarders.

Say no more
She says that she will leave it to you. Then after the fight you will get a reward from the marchant.

Liyue Chilibrew
The merchant will say sure, but she isn’t sure you will enjoy it. You will get two bottles and you and Barbara will share a drink. Barbara will cough and ask your opinion on it.

Barbara will say next time she will make her Chilibrew for you instead.

Incompletely Cured
For the last one, we will start at The Second Chilibrew Ingredient from the hangout storyline in the quest log. After you beat the enemies talk to Barbara.

Piece Of Cake
She will heal you after being impressed by your skill and the Treasure Hoarder will show up.

Springvale is far away
He says that he is hunting forest boar, that is why he is here.

Hold on we should take him to the knights first
Barbara will say okay, but she wants to heal him first. The man will then say he is feeling better and try to leave. Beat him down and Barbara isn’t too happy about it.

Check back soon for more Genshin Impact guides.

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