Genshin Impact In The Mountains Quest Guide

Genshin Impact In The Mountains Quest Guide
One of the early quests in 1.2 of Genshin Impact is called In The Mountains. Check out this Genshin Impact In The Mountains guide to get through it with no trouble at all. This way you can get back to exploring the new region without being interrupted.

Genshin Impact In The Mountains Quest Guide

Alright the first thing you will want to do is head to the marker on the map. There is a large ice crystal there that you cannot break with fire or melee attacks. You need to run around the outside of the ice crystal and find four red ore veins, they are easy to spot. Break them and this will weaken the ice. Three are on the lower level, while the last one is up a bit higher protected by a couple shamans. If you character has a little red glow around them, then you are good to hit the crystal.

Return to the ice to break it and move on the next part of the quest. Try to head up the summit and you will be blocked by cold air. Go back to camp and speak to the quest giver to get the next part of the quest. Now we have to find two more large pieces of ice. Now head to the Starglow Caverns here on the map and go to the very bottom.

Thaw The Shards Out Genshin Impact

Two things you need to do here. First you have to beat the challenge, which is super annoying because you freeze all the time. Use the flame floaty spirits to help keep yourself warm. This will break the shield down around the ice crystal so you can hit it once you break the red ore. You will have to do this one at a time. Break an ore, hit the crystal, and repeat four times total. There are two on one side, and two on the other of the ice crystal. One of the is hidden behind some rocks you can break, so attack the broken looking rocks.

Next one is here on the map.

Thaw The Shards Out Genshin Impact 2

For the up top part you will need a Cyro person and you just have to follow the fire spirit. It will go in the order you need to light up the elemental stations with cryo, so pay attention. After you activate them all, there will be a fight with the guardians of the area and when you win the ice breaks. Down below you will find the last ice crystal. There are three red ores out in the open to break and bring back. Again, make sure you do it one at a time and while the freezing bar isn’t full or it won’t count.

The last one is inside a locked cage. You need to get the two fire spirits back to their statues to open the door. You can use the all and glide to give the one near the ice if you missed it. The second one is on the ceiling near the barrier in the area. Walk need it and it will fall down, letting you escort it home. Grab the chests, break the last ore, and bust the crystal. From there warp back to the Entombed City way point and climb up the summit for your last challenge. You have to break three more crystals.

Climb up around the pillar and you will find the first red ore pretty easily. You need to then jump near the crystal and up the broken platforms to bust the ice crystal with your red ore.

Red ore 2 genshin impact

The second one is found here, protected by a mini boss. Break it and glide to the floating platform with the crystal again.

Red ore 3 genshin impact

The last one is here and you will need a wind character to get it. Follow the rings to the other side, kill the baddies, grab the ore, and glide down to the last crystal. Follow it down to the pillar and return to Iris for your reward.

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