Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Guide – All Endings

Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Ending Guide

One of the new events in Genshin Impact has you hanging out with in game characters. Check out this Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Guide – All Endings guide to get all the bonus gems for the hangout session. This way you don’t have to waste a ton of time with the wrong answers.

  • Ending #1 – A Defenders Will Is Their Strength
  • Ending #2 – A Maid Above Ground
  • Ending #3 – Goodbye Miss Maid
  • Ending #4 – A Cold Reception
  • Ending #5 – Whisper Of The Paper Rose
  • Ending #6 – A Conundrum Called Love

Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Ending Guide

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A Defenders Will Is Their Strength
When Noelle asks for your help, give her this option.

Of course where do you want to start
She will thank you and then admit that her training has been going a bit slow.

Maidly duties?
She tells you what she cleans and how she does it. Then she says that she thinks something is missing.

You lack strength!
Noelle says that she is plenty strong. You will then ask to see her strength. Then she will show you at the training ground but still is worried about something.

Lacking real world fighting experience?
Noelle is confused by this and you get another couple choices.

Noelle you’ve always worked as a maid right?
Noelle will agree and ask where she can get some real experience.

Slimes are a good starting point
Noelle will tell you to leave it to her and she will go fight some slimes. After a few fights, and a couple fails, you will rescue a man from a merchant.

We were quite far away…
The guy will say he is used to relying on Noelle back in town.

Those weren’t weak Hilichrurls
Noelle will be surprised and said that she did what she normally does.

This wasn’t training
Noelle says you are right. She wasn’t going to let the man be hurt and fought better.

In the future, don’t leave everything to Noelle
Henning agrees and Noelle says it wasn’t a problem.

A Maid Above Ground
For the next one, use the Hangout Event Timelime in the quest log and start at the Training Ground part. Do the training part and then wait for the choice.

You need more strength!
You then tell Noelle that you use your sword to mine and gain strength. She then heads out to try the method. Eventually you have to clear a rockslide and then you will get some more choices.

Noelle wasn’t kidding about her strength
She says that her maid work is actually a bit more difficult.

You did better than I expected
Noelle is happy to hear this and that it was an honor. She will tell you that next time you guys should mine together.

Goodbye Miss Maid
Now restart the hangout even completely. The first choice doesn’t matter.

You know it’s okay not to be a knight
Noelle will be a little disappointed with that answer. Noelle says she wants to become a knight to help people.

No matter how small the task they still need to be taken care of
Noelle will say really? Even you?

The strength to fight powerful enemies
Noelle agrees with your words.

Think of every small task of training
Noelle will head back to town with some renewed vigor. Midway there you will run into someone else. Kill the enemies and return to Noelle for a couple choices.

Not a trace
The man will say maybe some monsters ate it.

Only a few slimes
Alois tries to come up with a lie. Turns out he is just weak and couldn’t fight the slimes. When you return to town you have to speak with a knight.

Leave it to Noelle
He says if Noelle will vouch for him, he is fine. You guys head to the bar and get him a drink.

Noelle’s way of showing hospitality
He says okay, and then says that he is hungry. You guys will then bring Alois to lunch. He will then again slip up that he is trying to get some recipes.

Easier to obtain?
He then says that the wine is hard to imitate. Then he tries to figure out what he wants to eat.

Noelle’s way of showing hospitality
Alois just says okay.

Noelle anything else on the itinery?
Noelle suggests that you guys go to With Wind Comes Glory. Noelle welcomes Alois to the city and you get another choice.

She’s a future knight of Favonius
Alois then asks if it is what he thinks it is.

Noelle’s way of showing hospitality
Noelle says that it is all she had time for. Alois says that he is going to go far far away now.

Atleast some problems are solved
Alois says what a short trip and you get the ending.

A Cold Reception
This one is pretty quick because we just have to back track to the Guest From Afar part of the Hangout storyline.

I’ll keep an eye on him
Swan will say as long as you are watching him, it’s fine. Then they talk about Stormterror.

Many times your height without jumping
Alois laughs and says good one. Head to the bar and start the next part.

Again, Noelle will get him the wine.

Made just for you
He will respond about being interested in the Mondstadt wines. Then he says he is hungry and bring him to a spot to eat.

Brewing process?
He talks about how making the wine is difficult. Noelle will then get him some lunch.

Made just for you
His last meal as a new visitor.

Where to next?
Again you are headed to With Wind Comes Glory.

She’s a maid of the Knights
So this is a…

Made just for you
He then knows that it is a warning. He then tries to get out but Noelle won’t let him go alone.

Allow me
You then escort Alois out of the city.

If you understand then then nothing needs to be said
Alois will be for forgiveness and admits to his plan. Head back to Noelle and you can wrap up the quest.

He had to get back, it had nothing to do with you
She says that you are just trying to get her to feel better, but thanks you anyways. The quest ends after that.

Whisper Of The Paper Rose
Restart the hangout and meet up with Noelle again.

Where do you want to start?
She talks about how she has been keeping up with her duties. Training has been slow though.

Knightly exercises?
She talks about strength and endurance training. She does a work out every day.

What you lack is rest
You tell her that even the best knights need some rest. Noelle feels guilty if she rests when she should be working.

Stopping for occasional rest is part of training
Noelle says that she didn’t think about it like that.

Speaking of tea, let’s have some
Noelle will say okay and you two set off for tea. When you arrive Beatrice needs some help.

I’ll certainly do my best
Noelle will say thank you and you try to help out. Noelle is curious at what you can do.

Maybe the frequent small talk
Noelle says that you might be right. Noelle suggests that Bea gets him a gift.

Gifts convey our intentions
Noelle will agree and say that she likes roses.

Let’s think about what Quinn might like
Noelle agrees and wonders what kind of gift Quinn will like. He is a drunk so something wine related will do. You will have a few choices when talking to Marjorie.

Actually we’re here to help someone else choose a gift
Marjorie will still think you and Noelle are together. She will then suggest two gifts.

The frost bottle
Noelle will agree that it is a good gift for a drunkard. She will also be happy that you remembered what she said. You have to go take three pictures and then return to Bea.

Cape Oath
Beatrice will say like they are making an oath, she likes it. Noelle will be concerned that Windrise isn’t as popular anymore.

Would you like to go with me?
Noelle will be happy to go with you.

You put this responsibility on yourself?
Noelle explains it.

Helping others is the greatest quality of a knight
Noelle will say thank you and the ending will be around the corner.

A Conundrum Called Love
We get to start on the

I’ll do my best
Either way you have to help for the quest.

Quinn feels that Bea has nothing important to say to him
Noelle says that it is possible. Noelle will suggest a gift.

The gift doesn’t matter
You will lose a heart and Noelle will say she isn’t sure what to pick then. You then have to make some fish and give it to Bea.

Now let’s take a break
You have to convince Noelle that you are taking a break.

First choice
I clicked to fast and didn’t see what the choice was, but it is the first one. Then you meet Noelle in the library.

Can I take a look?
Noelle says that it is to early to read this book.

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