How To Get Alolan Dugtrio In Pokemon Sun And Moon

How To Get Alolan Dugtrio In Pokemon Sun And Moon
Dugtrio is one of the more interesting looking Pokemon variations in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Dugtrio in this region seems to have figured out how to grow hair. Check out this guide to figure out How To Get Alolan Dugtrio In Pokemon Sun And Moon!

How To Get Dugtrio In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Finding a Alolan Dugtrio in this game will take quite a bit of time. A quicker method is to just catch a Diglett and evolve it into Dugtrio.

Diglett can actually be found on the first island. I found my first one in the Cave that you take your first trial in. You will have to clear the trail before you can catch any Pokemon in there though. You can also find Diglett in the Cave next to the Pokemon Lab on the island as well. You need to be able to ride Taurus in order to break the rocks to enter there though. After you catch Diglett, it is time to level it up. Diglett will evolve into Dugtrio at level 26, so you will have to use it quite a bit. I actually spent some Rare Candies on mine to get it up there quicker. The Exp All does help level thing it up much quicker if you don’t want to use it through.

If you don’t want to level up Diglett you will have to wait until the third Island. You can catch them there and on Island four but that is way deeper in the game. I had mine evolve on the second Island, after the grass Trial.