How To Get Coliseum Points Fast In Yakuza Kiwami

How To Get Coliseum Points Fast In Yakuza Kiwami
The Underground Coliseum returns in Yakuza Kiwami and with it a ton of rare and expensive rewards. This guide will tell you How To Get Coliseum Points Fast In Yakuza Kiwami so that you can buy all of the Images to complete Komaki’s training.

The Coliseum unlocks partway through Chapter 5. Once you have access you can return at any point to take on various challenges within the Coliseum. Each victory earns you points and these points can be spent at the Coliseum desk for a variety of rewards. Weapons and valuable items are available but you’ll want to purchase all the different Images if you hope to complete all of the Substories and Komaki’s training.

You cannot bring weapons or equipment into the Coliseum and you cannot use items. Buy a bunch of basic healing items before starting and store them in your item box. This will allow you to withdraw them from the Coliseum save point should you need to heal, and save you time avoiding the return to shops.

Proceed through the Coliseum until you reach Burning GP. Make sure the game is on easy. It’s a simple process of starting a fight, using O to grab your enemy and hold the attack for additional damage. When they hit the fire parts on the floor, they take further damage. Once they get hit with one damage from the floor tiles, they cannot block further grabs. You can complete the entire Burning GP tournament in under 60 seconds and it rewards around 600 Coliseum Points. Continue this until you unlock Breakout GP. This one is very easy also. Simply attack your targets and knock them out of the ring. You get 2,000 Coliseum Points for each complete victory.

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