Where To Get DLC & Pre-Order Items In Horizon Zero Dawn

Where To Get DLC & Pre-Order Items In Horizon Zero Dawn
If you pre-ordered Horizon Zero Dawn or purchased the game at certain outlets you can unlock an exciting variety of special DLC and pre-order items. This Where To Get DLC & Pre-Order Items In Horizon Zero Dawn guide will tell you what you need to do to unlock all of your items as quickly as possible.

Where To Get DLC & Pre-Order Items In Horizon Zero Dawn

You need to progress through the beginning of the game until you become an adult version of Aloy and speak with Rost at the foot of the bridge before the trial. After speaking with Rost you can explore this region of the game world. You can check if your version of Horizon Zero Dawn includes any special DLC items by going to your inventory and checking the Special Items tab. Here you will find the following items:

  • Nora Machine – Trapper Token
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit Token
  • Banuk Culling Bow Token
  • Banuk Traveler Token
  • Carja Trader Token
  • Nora Keeper Token
  • Carja Mighty Bow Token
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit Token

If you have the items simply head to the location marked on the screenshot and speak with Karst the trader. You can then trade your tokens in here to claim the items from the DLC and pre-order bonuses.

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  • Adam Edwards

    i just got my copy from eb games that i pre ordered but i cant find the pre order stuff, any ideas?

    • If it’s a physical copy I would assume you have to redeem a code on the PSN Store to get the pre-order items?

      • Adam Edwards

        ya apparently the missy who gave me my pre order dident give me the code to do with it when i picked it up -.-.. got that fixed up today luckly

  • SplitRaindrop

    how do you trade the tokens? When i am with a merchant the tokens don’t come up but I do have them

    • Did you try the specific merchant I listed? It was the only one I tried

  • Connor Blackwell

    So I’ve downloaded the preorder content through the PSN store but in game the tokens are not showing up at all. Have updated restarted and tried to re download. Will try going to that certain NPC to see if the tokens will show up then. Just a bummer because I don’t want to buy new gear when some of this stuff may hold me over

    • Connor Blackwell

      Went to the npc still no tokens

  • Jacob Stein

    I have the tokens in my inventory but when i go to the merchants it doesnt show up on my sell tab. Any ideas on what i should do.

    • Darran Hewlett

      Yes at the merchant go on the buy tab and in treasure boxes they are all in there, I had same problem thought was on sell tab but it’s not

      • Jacob Stein

        Awesome, just got my stuff. Thanks for the help

  • Christopher Fisher

    I got the Nora Machine token for preordering off of Amazon. I got the resources. But I didn’t get the costume or the weapon. Tho I didn’t download the preorder bonus until after I started my game. Is that why I dont have the armour and weapon? Or what? Would love to know. Thank you in advance.

  • Aron John

    You get the stuff after going to meet the first trader. You can ‘buy’ them for 0 shards

  • Andrew Hatfield

    I am unable to sell my tokens to receive armor and weapons.. what should I do?