How To Get Married In The Sims Mobile

How To Get Married In The Sims Mobile
Now that we know the answer to the question, can you get married in The Sims Mobile, it’s time for the answer. This how to get married in The Sims Mobile guide will tell you everything you need to know to tie the knot with that special someone and well, ruin the rest of your Sims life.

Getting married in The Sims Mobile is a little different to the traditional Sims games. The first thing you need to do is find your true love. Thankfully it’s a little easier than real-life, practically any Sim you encounter can fall victim to your romantic ways. Once you have found your desired target you need to build your relationship meter with them. If you need some help building up your relationships check out our guides on how to increase relationships in The Sims Mobile and how to invite friends over.

This is arguably the most time consuming aspect of getting married in The Sims Mobile as speaking with other Sims takes up energy very quickly, and drains food fast too. Be sure to check out our guide on cooking free food to help with the latter.

You need to make sure, when you are socialising with your future spouse, that you are using Romantic interaction options. Using Friendly, Mean or other interaction options will create a different relationship with that Sim, although it is possible to change the relationship by using different options later. You need to raise your Sims relationship to Level 10 and become Soulmates. Every few relationship levels you will see an option to start dating, make it serious, etc. These trigger Social Events, complete the Social Events to advance the relationship to the next stage.

Once you have advanced your Sim’s relationship to Soulmate level, you will have the option to propose and get engaged. This will begin the Wedding Quest, which offers a nifty little screen to track your current progress and what requirements you still have to fulfil.

How To Get Married In The Sims Mobile - What You Need

After the proposal, reality sinks in. It’s time to spend some hard earned Simoleons. You’ll need to pick up a few items. Navigate to the Shopping Menu and select the Outdoors category. From there you will need to buy a Wedding Arch, Floral Pillar and Windowed Rose Lattice. These items unlock around Player Level 10 so you may need to progress further to have the option to purchase the required items.

Now you have to complete a few other objects to advance the quest.

  • Have at least 3 friends on which to lean – Your Sim needs to have a minimum of three people on Level 2 relationship under Friend
  • Your partner needs you! Reassure their cold feet – Simply speak to your Sim partner and choose the option to reassure them
  • Work on wedding vows at a table – Interact with a table and choose the option to work on your wedding vows.

Once you’ve completed all of those objectives you’re ready for the big day. Or in my case, a quick service under a wooden arch on the path outside the front of my house. Interact with the Wedding Arch and choose the Get Married To option, then select your victim… Sorry, life partner.

That’s everything you need to know for how to get married in The Sims Mobile. Check out some of our other awesome guides for The Sims Mobile including our Careers & Hobbies guides.

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