How To Get People Into Your HQ in Call Of Duty WW2

In multiplayer for Call of Duty WW2 you join a pre-lobby called the HQ. This Lobby is typically full of people and you can challenge them to shootouts and one on one matches. Check out this guide to find out How To Get People Into Your HQ in Call Of Duty WW2.

Why Cant I see People In My HQ In Call Of Duty WW2

At the moment, the Call Of Duty WW2 servers are a mess and you most likely don’t see people in your HQ. This is because Activision disabled the public HQs at the moment to reduce server stress. If I had to guess, they will ride this out over the weekend and reset the HQs next week. You can still get people into the HQ, but you have to do it differently. Go to the social menu and invite someone to your party to get them to come to your HQ. If you don’t have any friends playing Call of Duty WW2 at the moment, join a group or just add some people after a game. Without people in your game, you won’t be able to complete certain challenges so add some people and invite them.

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The lobby HQ is still broken but now there is a fix!! We’ll tell you what to do so you can learn How To Commend Fellow Soldiers In COD WWII without having to wait for the servers to be fixed