How To Get The Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World

How To Get The Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World
The Rathalos Ruby in Monster Hunter World is one of the rarest crafting materials you can get. The problem is, it can be very hard to find if you don’t know what you are doing. Check out this guide to find out How To Get The Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World.

How To Get The Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World

To get the Rathalos Ruby you must first, hunt the High Rank Rathalos. This can be done as an optional quest, and investigation or even in the Arena. It can be carved from the corpse of a dead High Rank Rathalos but it is very rare. It is best acquired through rewards after you beat a mission to hunt a Rathalos. The Arena is the fastest fight but you get the least amount of rewards from it as well. The best one is to hunt it through an investigation that gives you gold and silver rewards for beating it. We’ve seen the Rathalos Ruby drop in both those slots but not in the bronze. Now the second question is, is it better to kill or capture the Rathalos to get the Ruby? We’ve gotten it from both to be fair but so far we’ve had more luck with the Kill over the Capture. You can increase this chance slightly with the Legiana high Rank armor that gives you the Legiana Favor buff. You only need two pieces and it will sometimes increase your quest rewards. while we got this gem quickly, other gems have taken us 15+ times to get so just keep on that grind. You can also get it at the Melding Pot but I don’t know what item it takes to get yet.

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