Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide

Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide
Stuck on who to give the module to in The Outer Worlds? This Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide breaks down both choices of either supporting the Iconoclasts or MSI with details on the consequence of both choices, so you can weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.

This is a big decision to make as not only does it have immediate effects, it could have ramifications much later in the game as well. This is not a right or wrong decision to make, it’s entirely down to personal choice. The developers have intentionally made the choices touch grey area, both sides have valid points, both sides make sense. That said, let’s see what happens.

Make sure, before doing this, you’ve completed all of your quests on this planet. Many will fail outright at the conclusion of this mission.

Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide

If You Give The Module To Sanjar
If you give the Module to Sanjar, Stellar Bay is attacked by the X. You’re sent out to deal with the assault directly. You wipe out X and have to kill both Graham and Zora in the process. You get some XP, Bits and MSI Saltuna Searer, a unique Flamethrower.

If You Give The Module To Graham
If you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. You will have 100% Negative reputation with the MSI at the end of the mission. You get some XP, some Bits and The Good Word, a unique Heavy Machine Gun.

Work Together
You do not have to kill Graham, Sanjar or Zora. If you want to go the more peaceful route, speak with Sanjar. For this route to work you must have read Sanjar’s records on the BOLT With His Name quest, took the additional food for Zora on the The Commuter quest, and saved the medics on the Pay for the Printer quest. You then have to complete the third quest you get from Zora called “Sucker Bait” as well.

Then follow these dialogue options

  • Could you agree to a truce?
  • I’ve read your reviews Sanjar, you can’t do this alone (You must have completed BOLT With His Name Faction Quest and read the document on the computer)
  • You’re good with details, but you could use someone who sees the big picture
  • What about Graham’s second-in-command, Zora?

Then, follow the objective to get Zora’s review, and return it to Sanjar. Then head to Amber Heights to speak with Graham and Zora. If you haven’t aided Zora correctly in the previous quests, she will refuse to help.

If you have helped Zora and have done all her quests, speak to her before speaking with Graham. Siding with Zora means you HAVE to kill Graham. If you don’t kill Graham then there can be no truce. Tell Graham that Zora is taking over and follow it through to kill Graham. When Graham is dead, tell Zora you want her and Sanjar to join forces. You will need 55 Persuasion, 55 Leadership, or very high intelligence to convince her. Go to the meeting point and you still have some choices to make. Follow these choices to make a truce and get the best outcome.

You will need persuade 35 or intimidate 35 to get results here.

  • Sanjar, you have got to scale it back.
  • What if the Iconoclasts supported your supply lines?
  • Persuade 35/Intimidate 35
  • Something tells me Sanjar didn’t know
  • It is. We found correspondences between him and the pirates.
  • Take it back a notch, Zora. You are here for your people, not the past.
  • I am hopeful for the alliance.

From there you can travel back to Phineas and complete the quest.

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