God Of War Niflheim Guide

God Of War Niflheim Guide
The mists of Niflheim are a dangerous place in God of War. This God Of War Niflheim Guide will tell you everything you need to know to help you survive in the mists, locate the better treasures and gain access to the main central hub of Niflheim.

The first thing you want to do is complete a series of Favors surrounding Niflheim. Firstly you must complete the Realm of Fog Favor, where you have to locate 4 different language ciphers. Once you have located all of these you are able to Realm Travel to the new realm, Niflheim. When you arrive progress through until you see one of the dwarven brothers. He will send you on a series of Favors.

Head into the first area and clear the enemies out, then leave and return. Do this until you complete the first couple of Favors. If you need help check out our God of War Favors Guide. Once you have done this you are able to craft the Hvergelmir Stone Talisman. This special Talisman replaces one of the abilities with an ability that provides a small heal and increases the amount of time you can remain in the Cursed Mists of Niflheim.

The enemies with Niflheim increase in difficulty with each room you clear. There is also the constant danger of the Cursed Mists, a timer that causes huge amounts of damage once it expires. You need to retreat and return to the entrance in order to obtain the items you have collected throughout. You can also craft the Ivaldi set, which is one of the best armor sets in God of War, which further increases your resistance to the mist. Although it will be some time before you can craft and upgrade the equipment.

Once inside you can easily farm the first room for a few thousand. Clear the enemies, open the chests and then run up the ledges to the central room. This resets your Cursed Mist level and also deposits anything you’ve found. Do this until you have 2500 and then open the chests at the top. One of them contains an epic enchantment, Eye of Niflheim. This combined with the Hvergelmir Stone Talisman and the additional time you get for opening chests typically gives you enough leeway to explore at will.

You need a lot to open all the tears and the chests but this is primarily aimed at end-game grind so don’t feel the need to complete it all at once. If you need any further help with our God Of War Niflheim Guide, please post a comment below.

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