God Of War Favors Guide

God Of War Favors Guide
Favors are the side quests in God of War and reward some nifty equipment. This God Of War Favors Guide will tell you where to find each of the different Favors in the game, how to go about completing them and details on any rewards you receive for doing so.

Favors are very similar to side quests. There’s tasks scattered throughout the game, often given to you by other people you encounter. Each Favor has several objectives and often rewards you with new equipment such as gold and hilts for your axe.

God Of War Favors Guide

Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business
You get this Favor by helping any of the ghosts surrounding the Shores of Nine. I found it on the Iron Cove in the South West corner of the lake, by lighting the brazier there. Once you have the Favor several objective markers appear on your map, you need to help each of the spirits. Simply head to the different objective markers and light the braziers.

Once completed you get a Common Pommel, 1x Corrupted Remnant and 1880 Experience Points.

The Realm Of Fire
The Realm Of Fire
You start this quest whenever you discover Muspelheim Ciphers in the world. I found the first one on the island marked above, up a chain and inside a chest.

Muspelheim Cipher 2

The second cipher piece can be found on the Cliffs of Raven island to the South East corner of the lake. Get the boy to climb up and drop the chain. It’s in a chest above.

Muspelheim Ciphers 3

The 3rd piece can be found during the story when you enter the tower and start the objective “Pass through the tower and the caves”. After the first poison section, where you have to freeze the things to progress, you’ll find a chest. It’s inside that chest.

The Realm Of Fire Final Piece

The final Muspelheim Cipher can be found inside the Witches Cave. You need to progress through the story until you have to return to the Witch with the head. Head back to the Witch and blow up the red wall blocking an exit. You’ll find the chest in here with the final piece.

Once completed the boy learns the Muspelheim language and unlocks a new realm. You are not able to complete this Favor when you first get it, you must progress through the story far enough first. Will update with more details soon.

Hammer Fall
Hammer Fall
You can find this Favor by speaking to a spirit on Stone Falls. You need to destroy the clasp holding the bridge and cross to speak with him. Use the nearby wheel to open the huge double doors and venture through. Head to Thor’s Statue and throw your Axe at the chains to destroy the statue.

Hammer Fall Fathers Grave
You’ll find his fathers grave on the opposite side of the island with Thor’s statue.. You have a chance at a Legendary Grip if you loot the fathers grave.

Second Hand Soul
Second Hand Soul
Speak with the Dwarf at his shop at the location above. He will ask you to find Brok’s Friend. Head into the mines and follow it through. You will have to defeat a Souleater at the end. Wait for it to open its chest and then throw your Axe into his heart. Finish it off, loot the ring, Favor complete.

Once complete you receive a Rare Pommel and 3290 Experience Points.

Otrs Imprisonment
Otrs Imprisonment
In Veithurgard to the East. South of where you must destroy Thor’s Statue. You need to climb some stairs and avoid the dragon breath attacks. Once you get closer it will stop and you will unlock a Favor to free the dragon by breaking the chains. Once you find the chains you need to hit them several times until they actually break. It’s a simple enough Favor, run to each one and destroy it.

Once completed you get a Rare Enchantment, a Dragon Tear and 615 Experience Points.

Fafnirs Hoard
You can get this Favor from the blacksmith dwarf in Alfheim. You have to pass him for the story quest so you cannot miss him. The first time you pass him, when you are trying to restore Alfheim, he will not have the Favor for you. Speak to him once the Light Elves return to a restored Alfheim and he will give you the Favor. Simple Favor. Head to the objective area, clear out all the rooms and find the Whetstone.
Family Business
Family Business
You must have completed Fafnirs Hoard Favor first. Meet with one of the brothers at his shop in the Council of Valkyries. You must progress through the story until the World Serpent helps you lower the water level further, after you revive the head. Head to the objective, clear the area and leave. Easy Favor.

You get a Legendary Axe Pommel.

The Realm Of Fog
The Realm Of Fog Cipher 1
This is the same as the Realm of Fire Favor. You need to locate 4 different Niflheim Language Ciphers to successfully learn the language and obtain the ability to travel to a new realm. The first one can be found after you lower the water level again. There’s a chest on Alfheim Tower. You need to clear some rubble by blowing up the red orbs. Chest is at the end.

The Realm Of Fog Cipher 2

The second Cipher can be found on the on Ruins of the Ancient. It’s inside a chest. Small island, easy to find it.

The Realm Of Fog Third Cipher
The third one can be found near the top of the mountain. When you return to the mountain for the Journey mission, Return to the Summit, continue up to near the top of the mountain. Exit the door near the Dwarf shop and it’s in the chest in the next area.

The Realm Of Fog Final Cipher
The final Cipher can be found on a chest on the Lookout Tower dock. Dock the boat and run around to the right. There’s a chest there.

The Flight Of Fafnir
The Flight Of Fafnir
This Favor begins on Alfheim Tower island after the water level drops again and you can make it to the large door by blowing up some red orbs. Clear up all the shackles as before and free the dragon to complete the Favor.

You get a Rare Enchantment, a Dragon Tear and some cash.

Deus Ex Malachite
Deus Ex Malachite
This is another Favor from one of the Dwarven brothers. You can find in at his shop on the route to Veithurgard. You must have completed Second Hand Soul Favor. Meet the Dwarf at the Landsuther Mines and head inside.

You get an Epic Enchantment and 3290 Experience Points

Prove Your Valor
You need to travel to Muspelheim. You get there once you complete The Realm Of Fire and head to the gateway to change region. It’s a gauntlet of combat challenges. You must beat them all and at the very top, you will find a Valkyrie. You need to defeat the Valkyrie to complete the Favor. Once you have defeated your first Valkyrie, you must find the rest. They are usually hidden within the Hidden Chamber Doors.
The Anatomy Of Hope
The Anatomy Of Hope
On the shore of Mason’s Channel boat dock there’s a spirit. Speak with the spirit and he will ask you to return three bones belonging to his dead lover. Head to each of the objective areas and search for the bones.

You get Tyr’s Waist Armor Recipe, Tyr’s Offering and 1880 Experience Points.

Time Heals All
After you complete Family Business, you need to return to Fafnirs Storeroom to let the murdered father know about his sons fate. Return to Fafnir’s Storeroom and deliver the news to complete the Favor. You get an Epic Enchantment and 3290 Experience Points.
Dead Freight
Dead Freight
Head to the Forgotten Caverns, dock your boat and speak with the spirit at the entrance. You need to head to each objective marker and clear a small wave of enemies. Easy one. You get Tyr’s Cuirass Recipe and Tyr’s Offering.
Hail To The King
After you return from Hel for the second time and forge the key to Tyr’s Mysterious Door. Speak with the Dwarven Brothers and they will give you this Favor. Head to the stronghold marked on the map. It’s another easy dungeon. There’s also a dragon here for another Favor too.

You get Dwarven Armor Set recipe and a Runic Attack.

The High Council
After defeating a number of Valkyrie you will be tasked with returning the helmets to the Valkyrie Council.
The Fire Of Reginn

At Konunsgard during Hail to the King. As before, break the Shackles to free the dragon.

You get a Dragon Tear, Epic Enchantment and XP.

Ivaldis Workshop
After you complete The Realm of Fog and you can travel to Niflheim, head there and speak with Sindri near the entrance. He will give you this Favor. You need to enter the maze and collect 500 Mist Echoes. You can farm the first room for 500 easily, return to Sindri and craft the entry stone in the resources tab.
Ivaldis Protection
After you complete Ivaldis Workshop, use the entry stone to get into Niflheim center and search for materials. Search the nearby chests for the item and return.
Ivaldis Protection
After completing Ivaldis Protection. You need to do a lot of work and tear open the 3 realm tears in the main room. Check out our God of War Niflheim guide for more help on this.

We are still working our way through the game so check back soon for updates to our God Of War Favors Guide.

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