Greedfall Companion Location Guide

Greedfall Companion Location Guide
Greedfall has plenty of allies for you to make during your playthrough. Depending on where you go, you might miss some until later on in the game. Check out this Greedfall companion location guide to get them all.

Greedfall Companion Location Guide

Kurt is your first ally and he will join you right at the start. He can use any melee weapon but, starts of with a two handed sword. His main stats are endurance, strength and agility. If you get a friendship bonus with him he will increase your Craftsmanship skill.

Captain of your ship that joins you once you arrive in New Serene. He starts with a one handed blade and also has a pistol he can use in combat. His main stats are agility, accuracy, and endurance. If you get your friendship level high enough with him he will give you a bonus to Intuition as well.

Siora joins you once you get to New Serene, on your way to see your cousin. When he sends you out to speak with the natives she will join your party. She uses magic and can heal from time to time.
Petrus will join your job after you do the main mission in San-Matheus. He is another magic user, but can wear heavy armor making him tankier than Siora. He will give you a boost to Charisma if you get his friendship high enough.
After the main story mission where you save the survivors of the Expedition, you can’t miss it. She excels with grenades and other explosives. If you get friendship bonus with her, it’s a bonus to Science

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more Greedfall companions.

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