Greedfall Side Quest Guide

Greedfall Side Quest Guide
While playing through Greedfall you will run into quite a few side quests. Check out this Greedfall side quest guide to find all of them as some of these quests can’t be missed but others will be hard to find.

Many of GreedFall’s quests have different choices, outcomes, and methods of completion. This guide focuses primarily on where to find each of the side quests and the objectives you must complete in order to finish them. If you want more detail on possible outcomes based on your decisions, check out our Choices & Consequences guide.

Greedfall Side Quest Guide

Serene Side Quests

Heretic Hunt
You can get this quest from the Cardinal in the Theleme embassy. He wants you to deal with some heretics that have been causing trouble around the area. When you speak to the captain of the boat he will help you find the heretics. There heretics are found in the Warehouse in the Naut area. I chose to proceed with their arrest – This results in a fight and you kill the Heretics. +3 Rep with Theleme and 50 coins.

The Charlatan
You can find this quest from the ambassador in the Bridge Alliance embassy. There is man claiming to have a cure all potion that he is selling. Go around to the back of the area and you will find some items near a cart. You will also get a fight with some thugs. Grab all the items and return to the Alchemist and he will run from you. Go to the Tavern and then go upstairs to find the Charlatan in his room. You can then either help him leave the city or arrest him.

If you help him leave the city, you will have to sneak him out discreetly. First go down the hall from his room and grab the store room key on the table. Now go downstairs and open the door to the kitchen, the door to the right of the stairs. Open up the store room with the key, loot the crate for the service key, and then open the service door. You can then try to calm down the townsfolk outside, which I failed. It isn’t a big deal, you just have to do more fights while escorting the Alchemist. When you get him back to his cart you will get 80 gold for your trouble. When you return to Lord Sahin, you can confront him about his lie to lose rep or ignore it to keep it even. You gain one rep for completing the quest and 50 gold as well.

If you arrest him you will get Bridge Alliance Reputation +3 and 150 Gold.

Coin Guard Merchandise
You will have a few choices here. If you have high enough Charisma you can convince him that it isn’t a good idea because of the prison sentence, the % next to the speaking mouth will let you know how high of chance you have on that one.

You can also offer him a bribe if you have 1 Intuition. He will agree to your terms, you don’t have to pay him, and you gain one rep with the Coin Guard. ..

If you just want to bust his skull you can threaten him as well. Go behind the merchant’s stall and you will fight some thugs and him. After beating them down the Merchant will ask for forgiveness and promise to deliver the goods. You will lose one Rep with the Congregation of Merchants.

When you return to the guard captain he will ask for another thing. You have to get the cargo onto the ship you are taking. When you speak to the captain of your ship he says there is no way to do this. You will want the Naut outfit to move around this area, our guide on how to get it is here. Go around to the back of the Warehouse and your ally will suggest making the sailors a sleepy drink. You will need Science level on for this and you can buy the Brandy and Sleeping Pills from the merchant near the tavern. If you have the Naut outfit then you can just walk up without using the sleepy drink.

When you are up stairs, adjust the ledger, and grab the keys. If you don’t have the outfit you will have to put the guards to sleep or kill them. Reputation +2 for the Coinguard. You will then be told the next part is in New Serena. When you arrive in New Serena, go to the coin guard barracks and speak with the man inside. He will ask you to check out the warehouses near the dock for your cargo. Put on a Naut tunic so you don’t have to fight everyone there and head to the warehouses. You can’t go in the front but on the side there is a white mark on the fence you can jump. I found mine in Warehouse A, make sure you mark them before leaving. You will gain +1 rep with the Coinguard and get some gold.

Save Constantin
You can find Constantine on the southern part of the map, in the Villain’s Hideout. I had science and was able to blow the wall open and sneak up to free Constantin. He then requests that you fight your way out. If you sneak back out you don’t get anything extra, outside of a new companion. If you take out the bad guys, you get more loot, and one of them has Constantin’s key if you didn’t find it inside.

Disappearing Amongst The Nauts
When you speak to the captain of the ship he will say that his Cabin boy is missing and you will get this quest. This is a quest where you run around asking about the Cabin boys location. When you return to the Fontaine Family house for the second time, grab the note on the table near the vase to learn of his location. When you do, go to the warehouse and defeat the guards. Downstairs you will find the boys father, I killed him for the key but I think you can persuade him if you have the talent. You will get +3 rep for the Naut anyways.

New Serene Side Quests

The Man With The Silver Coin
You get this quest from the Coinguard after you wrap up the Coinguard quest from Serene. Speak with all the merchants on the map and then you can try to convince them to join you for a plan. You have to pay 100 gold or use your persuasion. Mine was 25% so I just paid the gold. The merchant will tell you to come back in two days. You can go back to your house and sleep for two days or go out and explore for a couple days, your choice.

Return to the Merchant in two days and then wait for the enemies to appear. When they do, bash some skull, and then loot the bodies to get your next clue. Go to the marker and you have to follow the man discreetly. Sneak behind him and stay roughly 30 feet behind him to avoid being seen. When you catch up to him another fight breaks out and you have to kill him. Return to the Coin barracks for a reward and to complete the quest.

An Aspiring Merchant
After you speak to your cousin, this quest will open up near one of the merchants. You have to go the Coinguard and speak with the captain there about him opening up his shop. The guard says you need to get a patent for the guy to sell his wares. When you speak to the minister you will get two options, persuade or insist. If you insist then you will have to go get a seal from your former teacher and then he will give you the patent. If you can persuade him then you will get it without having to walk around the governor’s mansion.

When you return to the Merchant, he will tell you his cousin has been taken by the guards. Go to the Coinguard and then go down the cells below. Speak to the jailer and he will say the cousin was sent to the arena. Grab the goods from down there, then go upstairs and enter the Coin Tavern. Pay the entrance fee, 25 gold, and enter the arena doors down below. You have to win at the prisoner’s side in order to beat the quest. This is a hard fight for a level 5, use traps and guns to even the odds. The human enemy is actually pretty squishy once you break his armor.

Once you finish this aspect of the quest, you will need to venture East to Glendgnamvar to meet Ullan.

Exploration & Cartography
You receive this quest by talking with Mr De Courcillion in New Selene. This is a game-long quest that requires you to find various camping locations in different areas. They count as fast travel points, places to heal, and speak with Companions. If you’re exploring all areas as you reach them, they are very hard to miss, always marked by ? icons in each area.
In Professor Serafeddins Footsteps
You receive this quest by talking with Mr De Courcillion in New Selene. We have a separate guide here for this one.

Champion Of The Arena
Once you unlock the arena speak with the owner to receive this quest. You need to complete all of the different arena challenges to finish it.

Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones Side Quests

A Peculiar Alliance
After you complete An Aspiring Merchant, you are told to visit King Ullan. Once you meet with him, he will give you this quest. He is in the Village of Vignamri, in the very South East corner of Glendgnamvar. He will task you with reaching Hikmet and speaking with the Governor. After you speak with the Governor and get the documentation the traveler can be found just outside of town. There’s a group of bandits preparing to attack, deal with them how you will. From there it’s just a series of basic objectives and meetings. It’s a long quest. At the end of the quest you get +4 Native Reputation.

San Matheus Side Quests

After you deal with the main quest at San Matheus, a small note will be left outside your residence there. Collect the note to begin this side quest. After you speak with the Natives visit the Inquisitors house to grab the document and the keys. Loot the chest, meet the natives again and win the fight. You get +2 reputation with Natives for completing this quest.
Trouble In Eden
You get this quest from the Governor. It was after I received the Demoniacal Cult main story quest, I returned here for The Vices Of The Mother Cardinal, a Petrus side quest. The Governor gave me the quest as I approached. Head to Tir Dob and speak with the Priest in the Village of Eden. It’s a straight forward quest at the start, simple talking objectives. Once you reach the hideout to retrieve the tablets, take the central path to speak with them. You can steal the tablets, kill them, and escape, but this upsets the natives.

When you speak with the Exiles, they will ask you to find them a home. You can speak with Derdre and she will allow them to stay if you insist, as long as you aided the natives in the Inquisition quest. If you do it this way, you gain +1 Native Reputation and +2 Thereme Reputation also.

Hikmet Side Quests

Attacks On Caravans
After you speak with the Governor in Hikmet, he asks you to assist with attacks on caravans. Head to the nearby camp and speak with Captain Reinhild and then the survivor before heading to the ambush site. After a bit of exploring and fighting you meet a group of rebels. You can either kill them or leave them. If you kill them you get Bridge Alliance Reputation +3. You get +2 if you let them live and warn the captain.

Tir Dob Side Quests

Theological Conflicts
You get this quest after you complete Trouble In Eden. If you aided the mother and son, she will make the antidote you require. It’s a simple but long mission chasing down objective markers and finding clues for the lost scientists. There’s some complex choices at the end, check out our choice and consequence guide for more details.
In The Footsteps Of Saint Matheus
After you complete Theological Conflicts. It’s another simple quest but there is a difficult boss fight so go in prepared. Once you are in the cave and you find all of the clues, be sure to check the small hidden part in the North West. There’s a full set of Saint Matheus’ armor in a chest. This is another big choice, check out our choice and consequence guide.

Vedrad Side Quests

Logging Expedition
You can find this quest in Vedrad, north west of the ruins in the area. The man there wants you to check out the logging expedition going on nearby. I had to save and reload to be able to talk to him, seems he is a bit buggy atm. You have to go to another area and speak with the loggers there. They are having trouble with mysterious deaths and they want you to investigate. Check out all the bodies in the building then speak to the person outside the building. Go to where the hunters are and kill the beasts there. You will have to make a choice here, straight to the point or justify yourself.

Justify yourself and you will get the chance to speak with the hunters. You can threaten them, which involves a fight, or use charisma and get the info without a fight. If you have to fight them you will lose 1 rep with the Natives. After that, you have to go back to New Serene and do a bit of running around. When you collect the file and speak with Lady Laurine, you will be able to return to the Natives and complete the quest.

The Blood Price
This quest comes up after you complete the Logging Expedition quest. You have to check out a mine and return to New Serene. Talk to the people there until you meet with Master Maillard. He will tell you to talk to with Mr De Courcillon. He tells you to go the mine and free the prisoners. You will have to fight the guys inside the mine and after you can free the miners. Return to Dunncas and you will complete the quest.

Vasco Side Quests

A Name For A Family
You will get this on the road at your camp. Speak to Vasco and he will give you this quest that takes place in New Serene. You will want to have a Naut outfit before you get into this one. when you get to the docks Vasco will mention drugging the Naut so you can avoid killing them. The game says sleeping pills but you can just buy the sleeping potions from the merchant in the area and they will count. Next head to the tavern and speak with the lieutenant down there. You can pay him off of persuade him, your choice but make sure you succeed. With the Naut being drugged and you having the Naut outfit on, you can walk right up to the Port Master’s office and get what you need. Jump the fence near the office, blow the wall or get the key from the crate nearby, and go upstairs to find the file.

You will gain rep with Vasco and assuming you haven’t pissed him off, he will become friendly with you.

Family Reunion
A couple of days after completing A Name For A Family, speak with Vasco again. Head to Lady Morange’s House and speak with her there before heading to the docks to speak with Madame Clerc. There are several options here, I chose bribery to be safe. Now you must travel all the way to Hikmet, following the main story. Once there, speak with Ferhat. Head downstairs and either use Charisma to charm the Alchemist or grab the documents off the table. Then chase down the debt collectors. You get +4 Vasco Reputation upon completion.
Forever A Naught
This is the next quest for Vasco after you complete Family Reunion and wait a short time. You need to head back to New Serene and speak with the Admiral. She’ll send you to a new area with a new task, leave New Serene from the North exit. Follow the objective marker to a large cave and work your way through. At the end you’ll need to search the ship for clues and defeat a tough boss to get the Captains Journal, but you are rewarded with a Memory Crystal. When you complete the quest, you get Vasco Reputation +5.

Kurt Side Quests

Missing In Action
You will get this on the road at your camp. Speak to Kurt and he will give you this quest that takes place in New Serene. Head to the Coin barracks and ask about the recruit. Go downstairs and speak with the doctor to see the body. You might have to get rough, but you need to see it. Check the body and then the book near the body. Then speak with the doctor and Manfred upstairs to get the location of the lieutenants in the area. When speaking with the 8th you can try to convince her or let Kurt speak to get the info you need. After speaking with all the lieutenants, speak to the recruit in the tavern. Then return to the 11th lieutenant and he will tell you about the Ghost Regiment. Talk to the other lieutenant and pay him or persuade him to complete the quest.

You will gain rep with Kurt and assuming you haven’t pissed him off, he will become friendly with you.

Amongst The Ghosts
After you complete Missing In Action, progress through the main story and Kurt will inform you once he has the information you require. It’s after you return to Constantin during the main quest line. You need to visit the camp in Wenshaganaw. It’s mostly a simple mission following objectives, no choices or anything. After you search the quarters and you’re sent to save Wilhem, save it. It’s a stealth bit that’s quite difficult. There are two paths to choose here. If you save Wilhem first, you can use him as a discussion in the final choice to get the “best” ending.

Petrus Side Quests

The Vices Of The Mother Cardinal
Shortly after Petrus joins your party, speak with him and he should give you this quest. You must travel to San Matheus and head into the Governors Palace. It’s a good idea to first visit the Merchant and buy 3x Comfortable Vests and put them on each member of your party. Go to the palace, search the room for the documents then check out the Governors room for the key, before heading down to the cellar. You cannot go further without the Comfortable Vests disguise. Grab all the clues.

Then speak with the Moneymaker, then the Barkeep at the Tavern, the Arena Master and then the Pimp. Once you have all the information, wait for nightfall and then meet Candy Cane. You get +3 Reputation with Petrus for doing this side quest.

Siora Side Quests

Find Queen Bladnid
This is the first side quest you will get for Siora. You have to go to the alliance outpost in Vedrad to see if the queen is there. Find the body and then go to the officer’s quarters. Check out the note and then you have to open the chest in that room. If you don’t have lockpicking, the key is outside by the tents. Open the chest to find out there is a meeting tonight that you can interrupt. Go to the spot, stealth in the hiding area, then bust out and take them down. After you clear them out, you can beat the quest.
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