Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide
Horizon Zero Dawn features tons of exciting and rewarding side quests that are scattered and hidden throughout the game world. This Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide lists the locations of every Side Quest we’ve discovered alongside information on completing the Side Quest and the reward you get.

Don’t miss out on hidden Errand quests, infinite fast travel, corrupted zones and bandit camps!

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide

In Her Mothers Footsteps
Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide In Her Mothers Footsteps
Head to the location marked on the screenshot above and speak with Thok. He will ask you to locate his daughter. Follow the way point and the daughter will be surrounded by watchers. You will have to kill them, do it quietly or you can use the Tree Stand to avoid damage. After you save her she will ask you to get a spear back for her. Follow the tracks to a Scrapper camp to find the spear. Kill the Scrapper with the spear, or all of them and return to Thok to complete the quest.

The Forgotten

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide The Forgotten

Climb up the rock up the yellow ropes on the side and talk to the woman at the top. She will say her brother is due back from Exile but he hasn’t come back yet. Follow the way point to the camp and clear out the Watchers. Examine the campfire after and then use special vision to find the tracks. The tracks are just the blood spurts on the floor, tag one to get a trail. Follow the trail up into the hills a bit and you will find a bloody knife. Examine that and then use your vision on other tracks and follow them to a bucket. Examine the bucket and then use your vision again to find more tracks and follow them.

You will have to go a pretty fair distance to make it to a Shrine and examine it. After you examine the Shrine start following the foot prints again. You will run into some Scrappers along the way you have to defeat. Defeat them and then examine the body they were interacting with. Now start following the tracks again and this time you will run into an empty supply cache you need to examine. Examine it and jump down to find the supplies, one of which is a fast travel item. Follow the tracks one last time and you will run into a large rock with a guy yelling. Climb up the rock and talk to the man up top, it is the quest givers brother, Brom.

Here you will get a flash point and each one makes him come off the edge and talk to you. The real choice comes after, he goes with his sister or leaves her to go on his own. I choose to make him go on his own and so far nothing else has happened.

Insult To Injury
This is after you take the trial to become a Brave.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide Insult To Injury

The woman here will ask you to find her some Dreamwillow in the valley. Head to the way markers and climb up to the supply caches, they don’t have the Dreamwillow. You will havce to talk to Fia to find out if you can find some Dreamwillow somewhere else. Talk to Fia and she will ask you to speak to Jun, who might have some Dreamwillow. Now take the path up to Jun and free him from his shack. He will tell you that the Dreamwillow got stolen and you have to go get it back, surprise surprise. Follow the marker to the Outcasts and kill the Sawtooth. This is meant o be a level 7 quest but you travel halfway across the world. Return to Jun afterwards and you will beat the quest.

A Daughters Vengeance
The quest can be found in this village, it is level 15.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide A Daughters Vegence

You will be heading to the quest area for the main mission anyways so you might as well pick it up. Go to the next village and talk to the woman there to learn about the Daytower. When you get to Daytower speak with a man named Zaid who is looking at a map on a table. He will tell you to go to Lonesome Rock to check for the girl you are looking for. Now head to the Lonesome rock and enter. A guard will stop you and then you will have to kill the men there. Scan the cart in the area and follow the tracks to the next area.

Enter the compound from the hole in the wall and take out the guards inside. One of them will have a key, scan near him for some tracks to follow. Follow them down to the cellar and free the captives to complete the quest.

This side quest is found here on the map, next to the Hunting Lodge in the area.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide Underequipped

Head to the way marker and talk to the Caravan guard there. Help them defend the Caravan and take out the two waves of enemies. After you clear out the enemies you will be tracking someone yet again. Find Dirid and a new enemy will come into play, the Stalker. You can tie them to the ground with the Rope Caster for some critical damage. After you beat the Stalker, get the items from Dirid and return to the Caravan to beat the quest.

A Moments Peace
This quest is pretty far off the path and can easily be missed.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide A moments Peace

Talk to the people in the town near the robots and you will eventually have to search for a signal. Go outside the town and look back at the town and up towards the mountain with your focus on. You should see a purple circle, hover over it for the next part of the mission. Now climb up the mountain and at the top talk to the people there. Examine the machine and then go back down to the town. Guess what? The robots are now attacking and you have to defeat them, didn’t see that coming did you? Talk to the leader after you clear them out for your reward.

Fatal Inheritance
This one can be found in Meridian, the lower city area. Talk to the man speaking with the guard and he will ask you to go check his estate for his family. Head to the estate and kill all the machines there. When they are dead, enter the house and free the girl inside. Next you have to investigate the estate. There is a dead guy next to the house who has a workshop key, loot him. Now go to the other building and go through the small door on the side of the building. Take the lure out and then kill the machines that come in after that. Talk to the woman you freed earlier to beat the quest.

Sun And Shadow
This quest can be gotten from the village Brightmarket, talk to the guy on the bridge. He wants you to help him find his daughter. Go to the garden and check out the spy glass and the shovel then follow the tracks from the Garden. These will lead you to a dock and you will have to swim to a close by island. Kill the Snapjaw there and talk to the daughter. Check the beds near the fire after you talk to her and then she will ask you to go check another island for her friend. Swim across and check the fire there for more tracks.

Head up the path and kill the bandits at the top, there are about 10 of them. Talk to the injured guy and then return back to the village and talk to the girl there. You will have a choice, I chose you’re not alone and she stuck around. Return to the father and you can complete the quest.

Honor The Fallen
Another quest you can get from Meridian, this one just has you traveling around the world for some shrines. You will have to clear out a couple enemies and get a priest to leave. I chose the heart option during the choice and all went well but I doubt the others will break the quest. Return to Meridian to complete the quest.
Robbing The Rich
This quest can be found in the main part of Meridian. Head to the marker and talk to the guy sweeping outside. Use your Focus to find sine tracks and follow them. Talk to the witness crouching then go down the bridge to a woman to talk to. Return to the guy crouching and then you head off to the Water Wheel and speak to the man inside. Now you are off to check out a camp and again follow some tracks. Check next to the fire for something to examine and then follow the tracks to a bandit camp. There are about 20ish bandits inside and a boss bandit to take out. Free the guy and follow him out and return to Meridian to complete the quest.
Death From The Skies
You can find this across the river from the Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds. Head to the village on the way point and you will have to face a flock of Glinthawks. After you defeat them talk to the village leader and offer to help him. Use your focus to find a beeping lure near the Village chief’s house. Talk to the guy near there and he will point you to where he got the lure. Now you have to go to another camp, way up in the mountains.

When you get to the camp you will have to go to the end of the path and climb up the side of the mountain. Follow the path around and you will drop off at a supply box. Now use the other side of the mountain to climb up until you get to the top. Follow the path to a Thunderbird and the lures you need to disable. You have to disable them by using Triangle, you cannot shoot them. If you are sneaky about it you can avoid facing the bird. After the lures are destroyed, use focus for some notes and return to the village for your reward.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more updates.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests Guide

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