How To Beat Shocker In Marvel’s Spider-Man

How To Beat Shocker In Marvel's Spider-Man
The first boss you run into in Marvel’s Spider-Man is Shocker. He hits hard and if you don’t know how to bring down his shield, you are in for a world of hurt. Check out this guide to find out how to beat Shocker in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

How To Beat Shocker In Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Shocker fight is broken up into three phases in the bank. When you first start this fight he will be shooting shock waves at you and while he is shielded. After you dodge, blast him with webs and his shield will go down. This won’t make him vulnerable to attack yet, but it will get him into his weakened phase. After you weaken his shield with a web he will launch one or two more shock waves and then do a jump slam. After the slam he will be gassed so you can use R1 and L1 to throw large debris at him leaving him open to a triangle and combo attack. On normal you will have to do this three to four times before phase two.

During phase two he does shock waves much quicker and he jumps a lot, making debris from the ceiling fall. When he goes to a knee and starts throwing shock waves at you that are on the floor you want to jump into the air and use X to stay in the air. While he is on his knee you and you are in the air, use the L1 + R1 combo to hit him with debris. When he is stunned, go in for the combo again. I had my finisher up so I only had to hit him twice but I imagine it is more than that without a finisher.

The last phase is the easiest phase. You dodge and weaken him until he is stunned and then pull down the pillars around him. When you pull down all the pillars the fight will be over and you will have beaten Shocker.

This will unlock some new suits as well, check out out Marvel’s Spider-Man Suit Guide for help getting the rest of them.

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