How To Break 30,000+ Damage Blockades In Fairy Tail

How To Break 30,000+ Damage Blockades In Fairy Tail
Want to know how to deal 30,000+ damage in Fairy Tail? This guide on How To Break 30,000+ Damage Blockades In Fairy Tail will tell you about a few tricks to maximize your damage during these fights, as you must meet the minimum damage requirements to destroy whatever is blocking your path.

Early in your adventure you will find these Over Damage barriers blocking your path at 10,000 damage. As you progress further into the game, these increase greatly. 30,000 damage, 100,000 damage, and beyond. As such, it’s a good idea to learn how to maximize your damage. While you will be able to break these barriers with ease towards the end of the game, the earlier you can break them, the better. Some will hide special items, collectibles, and rewards that you really want to pick up as soon as possible.

How To Break 30,000+ Damage Blockades In Fairy Tail

How To Do 30,000 Damage In Fairy Tail
Even with the technique mentioned here, there will be times where reaching a certain amount of damage is impossible. A team of level 5 characters will not be able to break a 30,000 damage barricade. However, if you are already able to do 50-75% of the damage required, these tips should be able to push you over the edge. Firstly you will want to ensure you are bonded to at least level 2 with the characters in your party. Bond is increased by having characters in your party and completing Requests. Once a bond is ready to increase, you will see the character with a musical note over their head.

Second, you will want to make sure your guild level is high enough. The guild level and bond level of your allies directly influences how much of a Magic Chain combo you can reach. This is the special mechanic in battle that lets you combo attacks from different characters into a huge attack. You will also want to make sure all characters in your party have the highest possible Attack Lacrima that you have. Also make sure to upgrade characters at the Guild Grimoire for big bonuses to Magic Chain attacks.

Next up, your team composition and the type of enemy. In order to break a barrier, you must fight nearby the barrier. As such, you generally have to attack the closest enemy. You will need to scout out ahead of time and check your enemy. For example, The Great Plains has two 30,000 damage boulders blocking the path. They are protected by Flutterers, the parrot-looking bird enemies. They are weak to attacks from Natsu, Lucy, and Erza. You want to make sure that 3-4 of your party have abilities that have the “Weak” tag applied. If there is more than one enemy nearby, try and find the one with the highest number of enemies. The more enemies are in combat, the more damage you do. Generally the Magic Chain applies a weak bonus anyway, but I did find greater damage if they are already weak to your allies elements.

Open the main menu and check the Magic tab. Then select View Magic Chain. Here you can see your maximum chain. Ideally, you want to use your most powerful Chains up until one before your maximum and then use a Finisher. If Extreme Magic is available on the last two attempts of the chain, use that immediately. For example, I have a maximum Magic Chain of 7. I will use Chain II attacks 6 times, then a finisher on the final attack.

You can also have them ready to Ascend if required, and use other Attack boosting buffs from other allies. Wendy’s increase attack for all allies is a huge help, I was able to hit 100,000 around level 30. Following these simple rules, you should have no problem maximizing your damage output to clear the path ahead.

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