How To Build The Power Armor Station In Fallout 76

How To Build Power Armor Stations In Fallout 76
The Power Armor station in Fallout 76 will let you build and modify your Power Armor. Check out this guide to find out how to build the Power Armor Station in Fallout 76. With this you will be able to make your Power Armor even stronger than before.

How To Build Power Armor Stations In Fallout 76

You cannot complete the quest for this Blue print until 25, but you can start it early. There is a quest called Miner Miracles located here on the map.

Miner Miracles Fallout 76

There is a sign in the parking lot of that area that will start the quest. You will have to enter the building and go down to the lab area. Here you will find a Power Armor Station, as well as a terminal. Interact with the Project Manager terminal and look at the Excavator Module Blueprints. This is the power armor suit that you will have to craft for the quest Miner Miracles. This suit will let you carry more items and it very strong. Once you hit 25, come back and build the suit. You will need a lot of gears and black titanium to build it all(both our guides for those are linked here). When you finally complete it, go into the registration room and register the armor. This will beat the quest and give you the blueprint for the Power Armor Station.

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