How To Burst Counter In Nioh 2

How To Burst Counter In Nioh 2

Burst countering is one of the most important aspects of Nioh 2. Check out this guide to figure out how to Burst Counter in Nioh 2. This way you can bring down bosses and enemy Yokai much easier.

How To Burst Counter In Nioh 2

The burst counter can be done simply, you have to press R2 and Circle to trigger it. It is the timing that will get you caught up. When facing a Yokai, you will see a red glow above them before they are about to strike. When you see that glow, get ready to counter. The timing still has to be good in order for it to work. You will need to burst counter right before the enemy strike lands on you, triggering the counter. This will blast back the enemy and do some stamina damage and normal damage. The stamina damage is huge, if it drops to 0 you can do you Triangle attack for super damage. Now one thing you need to be wary about is bosses. They can be burst countered as well, but they often do multiple red attacks at the same time. If you miss the counter on the first strike, you might get caught in a combo that kills you. On the other hand you will also get more opportunities to Burst Counter this way. Once you get the Burst Counter down, this game will become much easier for you.

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