How To Catch Fish In RE: Legend

How To Catch Fish In RE Legend
Fishing is a challenging mini-game, it can be tough to learn. This How To Catch Fish In RE: Legend guide explains how the mini-game works so you can learn the best techniques for catching fish to add to your ponds at the farm, sell on to the village, or cook up to catch other creatures.

We’ve already gone over the art of where to fish in RE: Legend, so be sure to check that out if you’re struggling to find fishing locations. Once you’ve got your favorite spot, your rod ready, and plenty of time, it’s all down to mastering the mini-game. It’s a pretty simple system but seldom explained in the game.

How To Catch Fish In RE: Legend

The first stage is casting your line. Simply stand by the waters edge holding your rod. As long as you’re in a fishing location, you’ll see the fishing icon overhead. Simply press the button to cast and you’re good to go. Once the line is in the water the fish will nibble. Usually, after the third nibble, you press the button again and you will hook the fish. After this part, there are two key areas to focus on.

When you are fishing, pay attention to the two bars. The top bar, represented by the rod, is your rods durability. If this reaches the maximum amount, turning red, the rod will break and you will lose the catch. The other bar, with the fish icon, is the fishes stamina. You need to reduce that to 0 to catch the fish.

Reeling In Fish

Reeling In Fish
During this stage you will notice there is no additional information on the screen apart from the two bars. During this part of the fishing mini-game, you hold the button to reel in the fish. As the fishes stamina drops, your rod durability gets worse. Try to balance it, reel in the fish but don’t go too high on the rod bar.

Fish Resistance

Fish Resistance
Randomly during fishing, the fish will resist. This is visualized by arrow icons that appear near the fish. You must hold the corresponding arrow. For example, on the image above, I had to hold up to ensure the fish didn’t escape. Do not reel in at this stage, the line will break very quickly. As you hold down the arrows, your rod durability improves. Continue switching between reeling and controlling.

That’s How To Catch Fish In RE: Legend.

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