How To Change Weapon Skins In The Division 2

Weapon skins can be acquired in The Division 2, but it isn’t clear how you equip them. This can be frustrating if you have a DLC skin you want to use. Check out this guide find out how to change weapon skins in The Division 2.

How To Change Weapon Skins In The Division 2

In order to change Weapon skins in The Division 2, you will first need a skin. Assuming you have a skin, you will also need a gun that is compatible with Weapon Skins. For the most part, any weapon of blue or higher rarity will have a weapon skin slot on it. Go to your inventory and mod a weapon of this rarity and you will see the slot near the back of the gun. This is not the case for the DLC guns you got for the special edition of the game. Guns are not the only thing that can be modded for skins, check your gadgets for FX skills to change what they do as well. For instance my Flame Turret shoot Roman Instead of fire.

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