How To Change Your Skin In Batman: Arkham Knight

How To Change Your Skin In Batman: Arkham Knight

In Batman Arkham Knight you can change Batman’s outfit and the Batmobile Skin. You aren’t taught how to do this so it is possible you might miss it. This guide will help teach you how to change your skin in Batman: Arkham Knight.

How To Change Your Skin In Batman: Arkham Knight

Now you do need to have extra skins in order to do this. If you pre ordered the game you should have a couple of Batman skins and a Batmobile skin. Even if you didn’t pre order, if you got far enough in the game you should have a couple of Batman skins.

At the main menu go to Showcase. From there you can see that you have the Batmobile skin activated by default. If you have any others unlocked you can scroll over them and select them as your Batmobile skin. Go to the next section and you can put a new outfit on Batman. I think the first three are obtained in game and the rest are DLC. I currently have the Batmobile 1966 and three DLC Batman skins, Classic TV series Batman Skin, Justice League 3000 Batman Skin and the Anime Batman skin.

How I got my Batmobile skin was by pre ordering the game. There are two Batsuits I have that I got in game, Batsuit V7.43 and Batsuit 8.03. The Anime Batskin is from connecting your WB (Warner Bros) account to your console. The other two I got from pre ordering the game. You can put on any skin you want and use it in game. None of these skins have any buffs or debuffs, they are all just for looks.

For those of you wondering about your extra Harley Quinn Story DLC, you can find that in the Arkham Episodes tab. I haven’t tried that yet but I will get to it after the main game.

So now you can change your skin and play Batman with a little more style!

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