How To Clean Your Armor In Anthem

How To Clean Your Armor In Anthem
Sick and tired of the beat-up look of your Javelin in Anthem? This guide will tell you How To Clean Your Armor In Anthem as the initial options available make any Javelin, regardless of class, look beaten up, old and ready for the scrap heap.

Cleaning your armor is actually a variety of skin effects that you can put on to any Javelin. Head to your Forge and go to the Appearance tab. From here you can change your Torso, Arms and Legs, as well as changing colors and paint, and adding or removing Vinyls.

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To clean your armor you need to go to the Wear State option in the Appearance tab. At the beginning of your journey with your Javelin, you will only have access to Old and Dirty. However, you can unlock Standard and Clean, the latter of which makes your armor look shiny and new.

In order to unlock the Clean option you need to farm some Reputation. You need to reach Freelancer Reputation Level 2 in order to unlock the Clean option in the Wear State menu. That’s How To Clean Your Armor In Anthem.

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