How To Craft Better Weapons & Items In Anthem

How To Craft Better Weapons & Items In Anthem
Stuck crafting common and uncommon blueprints but need stronger weapons and better gear? This guide will tell you How To Craft Better Weapons & Items In Anthem as initially, the crafting system is very limited and doesn’t allow you to craft anything better than what you find in Bastion.

Crafting is not immediately available at the start of Anthem. You need to progress a few levels, unlock your first Javelin and move through with the story. Once you have unlocked crafting you are given some basic blueprints to use so that you can craft the lowest level gear for your Javelin, but you’ll need much more than that.

How To Craft Better Weapons & Items In Anthem

In order to craft better weapons and items, you need to unlock blueprints. When you go to your crafting menu, weapons for example, you will see the blueprints for any weapons you can craft. You will also see the rarity, which is directly tied to the weapons power.

You can only craft common weapons to begin with. If you want to unlock the ability to craft uncommon items, you will first need to get the right crafting materials. Once you have the correct amount of Rare Embers and higher, you will need to unlock the blueprints.

To craft better weapons, you need to increase your reputation with Arcanists. At level 1 rep with the Arcanists you will unlock blueprints for each weapon type with the uncommon rarity. Level 2, you unlock rare, and so forth.

That’s How To Craft Better Weapons & Items In Anthem.

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