How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2

How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2
If things go South, you’ll be inflicted with the Blood Plague. This guide will tell you How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2 which is a deadly disease that will, if unchecked, eventually turn even your most loyal community members into the starving undead.

The Blood Plague is one of the most dangerous aspects of State of Decay 2. When your character takes damage from Plague Zombies, the glowing red ones, they take additional infection damage alongside typical health damage. While health can be restored a number of ways, Blood Plague cannot.

You will see the Blood Plague gauge above the radar in the lower left of the screen. As this builds up your survivor will become more and more infected. Once it reaches the maximum levels, your survivor will contract the Blood Plague.

How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2

Once your survivor has the Blood Plague a timer will replace the gauge. This timer represents how much longer your survivor has to live, literally. Once the timer expires your survivor will fall to the ground and become infected, resurrecting as a member of the endless hordes of undead. You must apply the cure before this timer reaches 0 or there’s no turning back.

You need to craft the medical facility at your base. Once you created the Infirmary you need to select Craft Medical Items. You can then select Prepare Blood Plague Cure. You need to have someone efficient with the Medical Skill to upgrade your Infirmary to level 2. The Plague Cure requires 5 Plague Samples and 2 Medical Resources from your base. You obtain Medical Resources by looting Pharmacies and other medically related buildings and returning the large Medical Bags back to your base. Plague Samples can be gathered from destroying Plague Hearts or killing Plague Zombies, the blood red ones that usually attack in packs.

That’s How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

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