How To Defeat Mewtwo In Pokemon Quest

How To Defeat Mewtwo In Pokemon Quest
So you’ve got to the end of Pokemon Quest and want to beat Mewtwo? This guide will tell you How To Defeat Mewtwo In Pokemon Quest so you can complete the main story, unlock a brand new island and move towards getting a Mewtwo, or Legendary Bird, of your very own.

Before you are able to battle against Mewtwo you must progress through the main story line. At the very end you will unlock a new island that features a single battle, a fight against the legendary Mewtwo. Come prepared, this is not an easy fight.

How To Defeat Mewtwo In Pokemon Quest

Up until the Mewtwo fight you’ve likely gotten by using certain element Pokemon in each area. After all, this provides huge buffs and saves you wasting the time leveling Pokemon you don’t intend to use. However, the Mewtwo fight is a little different. There are no bonuses in play at all. The power you enter the battle with is the same power you have throughout the battle. So what’s the trick?

Well, now it’s all about building your Pokemon. Mewtwo’s power rating is 17,500 but you can beat it around the 15,000+ mark if you’ve got the right group. The trick here is to focus on the right Power Stones. Firstly, make sure you’ve got 3 decent Pokemon. There’s no sense going in with a Diglett, Rattata and Spearow. You want Pokemon as high to your current level as possible. Ideally, around the 70+ range.

From there you want to work on their abilities. Moves are very important. There are some moves that are incredible, and others that are a total joke. You can usually tell an attacks overall quality by the attack rating on the move, however sometimes high power moves have a short range or poor accuracy. It’s best to test until you fight a number of abilities that suit you. You will want at least 1 “tank” Pokemon, one aimed entirely at building HP and self healing. I had a Machamp with Submission, this attack hits enemies several times. I then stacked Power Stones that had the “heal on hit” ability, which heals Machamp for each attack that hits. This alone made him remain throughout the entire fight.

That’s part of the trick. You need to ensure your Pokemon can survive Mewtwo’s biggest hits. Your other two Pokemon should primarily focus on damage, although having a beefy ranged Pokemon, such as Onix, is not a bad idea either. Focus on survival. Don’t waste Power Stones that have “Hit on KO” as you won’t get any during the fight. Focus on self healing and critical hits with attacks that hit multiple times.

Once your team is built it’s simply a combination of skill and a lot of luck. Getting Mewtwo down to half health is pretty easy but at this point he starts launching his main attack. A large cube will begin to grow in front of him before he fires out several projectiles that seek out your Pokemon. Make sure to dodge after 1-2 seconds. Too early and your Pokemon will return and get hit, too late and they will take the full brunt of the attack.

Have you defeated Mewtwo in Pokemon Quest? Have any tips or tricks to share? Post a comment below.

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