How To Earn Arcanist Rep In Anthem

Arcanist Rep Anthem
One of the factions in Anthem is known as the Arcanists and you have to earn reputation with them. Leveling up with their faction will unlock new blueprints, paint jobs and other bonuses. check out this guide to find our how to earn Arcanist rep in Anthem.

How To Earn Arcanist Experience In Anthem

There are quite a few ways to earn rep from the Arcanist in Anthem.

World Events
World events will net you a lot of Exp once you finish them. Not all of them are for Arcanist Rep though so we will list which ones are.

Scar Foothold Event

Strider Distress Beacon Event

Remember that you have to beat them in order to get the rep, if you leave the zone when it complete you miss out.

World Exploration
Every faction has items in the world that you can find. The Arcanists will give you rep for Notes, Green glowing Glyphs and treasure chests. You have to be the person to open up the treasure chest though or else you only get the loot.
Mathias Missions
Any of Mathias missions that you complete will give you bonus Arcanist rep when you beat it. Check his room for his contracts on occasion to earn bonus rep. A lot of the main missions will also get your some bonus Arcanist rep.

Chatting With NPCs
Chatting with certain NPCs will give you a little bit of extra Rep while you are in the fort. It isn’t a ton, but if you do it every time it adds up. Below is a list of NPCs who give you Arcanist rep. Some of the NPCs give rep to multiple factions as well.



Neeson Giles



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