How To Earn Freelancer Rep In Anthem

How To Earn Freelancer Rep In Anthem
The Freelancers are another faction in the world of Anthem. Getting a higher reputation with the Freelancers will unlock new blueprints, paint jobs and other gear. Check out this guide to find out how to earn Freelancer rep in Anthem.

How To Earn Freelancer Experience In Anthem

You can earn rep in a variety of ways for the Freelancers. Combine all of them to get the most amount of rep at a time.
World Events
During a free play mission you can run into world events that will net you some rep for the Freelancers. Below is a list of events that you can do to build more rep.

Dominion Incursion Event

Free Lancers In Need Event

Exploring The Whole Map
You are rewarded with some rep each time your discover a new area during your free play. You can also gain some addition rep by finding the hidden locations on the map. We have a hidden locations guide here if you are in need.

Yarrow Missions
Yarrow is the freelancer in the basement and he will give you missions from time to time. Completing these missions will net you bonus rep for the Freelancers. Check the board near him for new missions every now and then. Some main story missions will also give you some rep for the Freelancers as well.

Chatting With NPCs
Chatting with certain NPCs will give you a little bit of extra Rep while you are in the fort. It isn’t a ton, but if you do it every time it adds up. Below is a list of NPCs who give you Freelancer rep. Some of the NPCs give rep to multiple factions as well.



Neeson Giles

Freelancer Jani

Freelancer Rythe





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