How To Earn Koins In Mortal Kombat 11

How To Earn Koins In Mortal Kombat 11
Whether the method is slow or fast, there’s a lot of ways to earn money in MK 11. This guide will tell you How To Earn Koins In Mortal Kombat 11 as we combine many of the different methods of earning Koins so you can find one fast and efficient that blends with your play style

It becomes very clear after a short amount of time that opening Krypt chests and exploring the Krypt is intended to be somewhat of a grind. Some of the chests can be incredibly expensive and it’s quite difficult to earn Koins fast, at least in any large amount. Below is a few of the methods we’ve found for finding Koins.

How To Earn Koins In Mortal Kombat 11

The Krypt
When you start the Krypt there are two boxes. Opening each of these will give you 50,000 Koin each, making it an easy 100,000 Koins right at the start. Opening certain chests in the Krypt will often reward you with a small amount of Koin, although it’s always far less than the cost to open the box. Once you have unlocked the hammer you can use it to smash pots and other parts of the scenery for further Koin and currencies. Finally, look out for Meteors. You’ll hear a huge explosion nearby. Head to the location and you will find a fiery rock on the floor. Breaking these often rewards Koin.

Daily Challenges
You can find your challenges on your Kombat Kard by pressing the corresponding button on the main menu, it’s L2 on the PlayStation 4. Once you have completed the Daily Challenge you must open the Kombat Kard menu and redeem your reward, it does not do it automatically. So far, I’ve got 10,000 Koins for each daily reward having done two.

Story Mode
While each fight in Story Mode doesn’t provide a ton of Koins, collectively it does come together. And you unlock some goodies along the way. However, the best reward comes when you complete the final chapters. You get a nice chunk of Koin on top.

Beating Down AI
You can earn Koins fighting AI in single battles. You get around 250 a win. Depending on difficulty, you can get through these pretty fast.

AI Battles
AI Battles are a feature that lets you choose a team of three fighters to battle another three chosen by another player. However, you don’t actually fight in these battles. Instead the AI fights for you. This is a nice way of boosting your Koins, Souls and Hearts as you can just stick something on Netflix and fight away. You are limited to 5 victories per day for item rewards but the Koins and Soul Fragments don’t stop.

These are the intended grind mechanic for Koins. Simply fight your way up Towers and receive Koin rewards at the end. The Time Towers are especially good, you get around 100k for completing the tutorial.

There are also special augments to boost your rewards but we’ve yet to find one for Koin.

We’ll update this with more methods on How To Earn Koins In Mortal Kombat 11 shortly.

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