How To Earn Quick Cash In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online can be a slog when it comes to earning cash. Check out this guide to earn quick cash in Red Dead Online. This way you will be able to buy some new weapons and outfits.

How To Earn Quick Cash In Red Dead Online

You will want to have a Varmint rifle for this because you will be hunting a ton of small game. I also advise buying the bow if you can afford it so you can get perfect corpses and hides from medium animals easier. You are going to want to head to Strawberry and ideally start this during the day. Hunting at night works but you will want to know the route before hand.

How To Earn Quick Cash In Red Dead Online 2

When you are there you will want to head west out of Strawberry, following the road up to Owanjila and then further north towards Blackbone Forest. As soon as you leave Strawberry you will want to ride at a slower pace and use your hunter vision very often. This road is littered with rabbits, skunks, raccoons, muskrats, squirrels, rats and even the occasional eagle. Staying on the road and right off of the road you will find these creatures often. When you get to get Owanhjila lake you will want to look down and see if there are any Loon Ducks. The Loon Duck feathers are worth 1.20 each, 10 of them will make $12. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but combine it with all your hides and you can easily rake in $60-$70 in 30 minutes around here.

While you are out I also recommend finding a three star deer to bring back as a corpse. You can place medium hides under it but you can only bring back one medium corpse. On the side of your horse I recommend two three star rabbit corpses if you can find them. The bulk of you cash is coming from small game hides, you can stack 10 of each in your pouch. Don’t forget that this means 10 perfect, 10 good, and 10 poor, if you are inclined to stay out hunting that long. Elk antlers, moose horns and other buckle antlers are worth a bit as well, even if the corpse is ruined. Lastly, don’t forget to sell all the meat! It adds up VERY quickly.

I am current searching for other places to hunt like this but so far Strawberry is my winner. Check back soon for more Red Dead Online guides.

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