How To Earn Sentinel Rep In Anthem

How To Earn Sentinel Rep In Anthem
The Sentinels are another faction that live in the world of Anthem that have reputation. Levels from them will net you new blueprints, paint jobs and other gear. Check out this guide to find out how to earn Sentinel rep in Anthem.

How To Earn Sentinel Experience In Anthem

Raising the rep for the Sentinels will take you some time, but this can help you out.

Crafting Materials
While you are out in free roam, or in missions, you can interact with crafting nodes and loot them. It doesn’t happen every time, but sometimes when you get a node you also get some rep for the Sentinels. Here is the list of items that we have gotten rep from so far.

Mining Node

Metal Parts Node

Plant Nodes

Main Story Missions
Some of the main story missions will net you some additional Sentinel rep for completing them. Most of these have to do with Tassyn or the cop looking Javelins, but others give it out sometimes.
Sentinel Brin Missions
As I am sure you could have guessed, missions from Sentinel Brin will earn you some more Sentinel rep. Be sure to check the table near here for bonus missions as well.

Chatting With NPCs
Chatting with certain NPCs will give you a little bit of extra Rep while you are in the fort. It isn’t a ton, but if you do it every time it adds up. Below is a list of NPCs who give you Sentinel rep. Some of the NPCs give rep to multiple factions as well.

Pirndel Blatch

Neeson Giles

Lucky Jak


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