How To Fast Travel In Need For Speed

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The map in the new Need For Speed is decently big and getting around it can be very time consuming. Thankfully you can fast travel to just about any race if you know how to. This guide will help you learn How To Fast Travel In Need For Speed.

How To Fast Travel In Need For Speed

The game doesn’t really go out of its way to tell you how to fast travel.

First off you need to go to your map. Find yourself a race or a story mission and click on it to bring up “Route”. This will let you set the route to the mission so you can travel there on the roads. If you click right on the stick, while you have the mission or race highlighted, it will bring up teleport. If you click that you will be warped right to the race or mission and you don’t have to drive all over the messed up roads. The load time is pretty much instant so that’s not a worry either.

Hopefully this will just make your time in Need For Speed a little better!

  • McGuffyFL

    Glad I found this – not at all intuitive in the game – thanks!