How To Find Your Friends In Atlas

How To Find Your Friends In Atlas
Atlas has a massive game world, which is great, unless you can’t find your friends. This guide will tell you How To Find Your Friends In Atlas so that you can find your friends, make groups together and explore the expansive and wonderful world of Atlas as a group.

Atlas has a huge environment that boasts over 40,000 players on a single server. This is great for PvP and other large-scale activities, but it can be a total nightmare if you are stuck on the opposite side of the world to your friends. When you start and pick a server, make sure you both select the same starting grid. When creating a character, you then select a region.

How To Find Your Friends In Atlas

However, there is a solution. There are several starting islands in Atlas, each of which are identical. They look the same, have the same features, same NPC’s and same materials in the environment. The only slight difference between the starting islands is the rotation, but that doesn’t really have any impact on anything but visual aspects from the sea.

There is a port in each town on the start islands. There is an NPC by the waterside at the docks. You can speak with this NPC and travel to the North, South, East or West starting islands. If you and your friend are on the same server (either EU or US), all you have to do is visit this NPC and speak with him to travel to the same starting island.

Once you have friends in the same area, you can form groups or parties and work together.

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