How To Fish In Outward

How To Fish In Outward
Fishing is one of the many activities you can do in Outward, rewarding you with various items and a great source of regular food. This guide will explain How To Fish In Outward so you can go about catching your own dinner and even netting yourself some of the rare Blue Sand.

Fishing is available right at the start of the game in Outward, once you have passed the initial tutorial and reached Cierzo. There are likely a number of tools you can use to fish but the easiest one to obtain at the start of the game is the Fishing Harpoon.

How To Fish In Outward

That’s your first task if you want to take on fishing in Outward. You need to find yourself a Fishing Harpoon. You can purchase one from many of the stores located around town for 20 Silver. There’s also a Hyena cave not far from town that includes some random items inside, one of which is the Fishing Harpoon. I was killed outside town and awoke inside the Hyena cave so if all else fails, that’s a quick route to a Fishing Harpoon.

Once the Fishing Harpoon is in your inventory, it’s a simple matter of finding a body of water with a fishing spot. The town of Cierzo has a number of fishing spots down by the beach. You will see bubbles in the water from a distance and once you’re close, you’ll notice fishing swimming around in the water.

There are plenty of other fishing locations scattered throughout the game world. All are represented in the same way, a small collection of bubbles on the surface of the water. If you head through the Cierzo Storage (The entrance is below your house) you will eventually reach a beach on the other side. This includes more fishing locations.

And that’s How To Fish In Outward. If you have any additional questions, post a comment below.

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