How To Form Groups/Parties With Friends

How To Form Groups Parties With Friends
Atlas has a huge game world and finding your friends can be difficult but once you have, how do you group up in Companies? This guide tells you How To Form Groups/Parties With Friends so you can get all of your friends in the same group.

Atlas shares many of its mechanics and systems with ARK: Survival Evolved. As such, if you’ve had experience in Wildcard Studios’ dinosaur taming epic, you form groups and parties with your friends in much of the same way. Except, in Atlas, they are called Companies.

How To Form Groups/Parties & Companies With Friends

Once you’ve found your friends, forming a group, or Company as they are called, is actually very simple. Create a Company in the “I” menu. If you walk up to your friends and look directly at them, you will see some prompts appear on the screen. One of these prompts tells you how to interact with that player, it’s E by default.

Once you navigate to that menu you can then decide on whether to recruit the player. If recruited, you will form a Company and then are considered in a group. If you are a Company leader and highlight someone in another Company, you can form an alliance and merge both Companies. If a player invites you to a Company, you need to interact with them in the same way and select to accept the invitation to join a company.

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