How To Get A Shovel In Dragon Quest Builders

How To Get A Shovel In Dragon Quest Builders

A Shovel is a basic tool used for digging up plants in Dragon Quest Builders. You are not handed a Shovel in the game, you have to go find one for yourself. Check out this guide to find out How To Get A Shovel In Dragon Quest Builders!

Where To Find A Shovel In Dragon Quest Builders

First off you will need to have access to the desert area before you can even get the Shovel so if you aren’t there you can’t get it yet. This will require the red teleporter and for your town to be level 3. When you have the red teleporter you can go to the desert and rescue the Blacksmith, that’s step one. Along the way you should start mining the Iron blocks you find so you will have the iron needed to create the Shovel. They are just a dull gray color in any normal block, you can find them all over the desert and in caves in the desert.

To find the Blacksmith, go west in the desert until you can cross over to the north section. There you can talk to Pippa who is actually a boss is disguise and you will have to fight. It’s a pretty easy battle, swing a few times move and repeat. He does have a charge attack so move out of the way when that happens. After you beat the boss, grab the key and open the locked room to get the Blacksmith. You can either run him back or use a Wing to get yourself back to town quickly. When you are at town, talk to him and he will teach you how to create Iron equipment. You can make new armor, new swords and ingots. When you craft your first ingot the shovel will unlock and you can craft one at the workbench. It only takes on ingot and a branch to craft so it is simple to make.

You can use this to pick up plants without destroying them and place them in your base if you want. Check back soon for more Dragon Quest Builder guides!