How To Get Appletun In Pokemon Shield

How To Get Appleton In Pokemon Shield
Appletun is a Pokemon exclusive to the Shield version. In this guide we tell you How To Get Appletun In Pokemon Shield as you will need to complete a small but particular event in order to obtain the special item required to evolve Applin into Appletun.

The Applin Pokemon, the first evolution of Appleton, is available in both Pokemon Sword & Shield. However, the evolution of Appleton is only available in Shield. You get a different evolution item in each version, each making Applin evolve into something else. If you need the base Pokemon, check out our guide on where to find Applin.

How To Get Appluton In Pokemon Shield

Head to Hammerlocke. Near the Vault, on the West side of town near the exit, there’s a young boy standing near the gate. He asks you for an Applin to give to a girl he fancies. Don’t worry, it’s not a trade. Select to help the young boy and he will take your Applin. The young girl won’t take the Applin, so you will get it back after a short cut-scene.

After the lad falls flat on his face, he’ll give you the Applin back and a special item, the Sweet Apple. This is the item you need to evolve Applin.

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