How To Get Candy For Starter Pokemon (Squirtle, Charmander & Bulbasaur) In Pokemon Go

How To Get Candy For Starter Pokemon (Squirtle, Charmander & Bulbasaur) In Pokemon Go
In true Pokemon fashion players get the opportunity to pick their starting Pokemon at the beginning of Pokemon Go. You can select from Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur but past that, leveling and evolving these Pokemon can be tough. This How To Get Candy For Starter Pokemon will tell you how to get more Candy for Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur so you can level your starter, evolve it to higher forms and maybe even use it in gym battles.

How To Get Candy For Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle

In Pokemon Go the best way to get candies is to catch Pokemon that belong to the same evolutionary tree. So for example, catching a Charmander, Charmeleon or Charizard will give you the Charmander Candy you need to level up or evolve any of the forms in that tree. I’ve heard that it is possible to find Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur in the wild but only very few reports of this exist and I’ve not seen any myself.

This leaves one remaining method of getting Candy for your starter Pokemon, hatching eggs. If you already know where to find eggs in Pokemon Go the next stage is getting Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur in one of these eggs. There are 3 different types of eggs in Pokemon Go. A 2k Egg, 5k Egg and 10k Egg. Each type of Egg can hatch different Pokemon and each Egg requires a certain amount of travel in order to hatch.

Thankfully the Eggs that contain the starter Pokemon are also the easiest to hatch. So if you’re looking for Candy for Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur you want to get as many 2k Eggs as you possibly can and hatch them as quickly as possible. There are other Pokemon that can come from these Eggs so you’re not guaranteed to find the starter Pokemon. For more information on what you can find in every type of Egg check out our Pokemon Go egg hatching guide.

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  • Alex

    I started of with charmander. I am lvl 9 now and since then i have found bulba in the wild and hatched a squirtle. Hope this helps people, i must add that the bulba DID NOT apear on the ‘nearby’ menu, it literally just spawned out of nowhere. Guess you have to be lucky?

    • Itz NrQz_

      Mostly starter or Pokemon seem to appear at a local park hope this helps!

    • haybalex

      you must of had an incense or a lure because they spawn pokemon that dont come up on nearby.

  • Alex Elkins

    I chose squirtle and i’ve caught 3 squirtles near by also.

  • I just got a bulba spawned next to me

  • Itz NrQz_

    Many spawn at parks or places that you think Pokemon won’t spawned, I went to my local park and I have captured more then 5 charmanders, I hope it’s helps

    • MadDemon64

      I have only seen three charmanders, not including my own. All of them were while driving.

  • Young Carter

    Ive seen about 10 squirtles but no chamander and (more importantly) no bulbasaurs

  • Pethick72

    I caught an ivysaur at my friends house

  • Sushi1227

    I’ve seen 3 squirtles in the wild and caught one. Then I caught a bulbasaur near my apartment. No charmanders though.

  • Mirrrr

    I have a squirtle invasion since today

  • sirkirito

    i just found a bulbasaur while using the incense and my starter is a charmander

  • AnarchyArmadillo

    Just found a Blastoise where I found a squirtle the day before.

    • AnarchyArmadillo

      Also found 3 Charmanders at a park and none ever since. It seems a little random.

  • SlapHappyDude

    I live in a hot dry city and see a lot of Charmsnders. I caught a wild squirtle by the ocean. They do spawn in the Wild but are definitely medium rare as opposed to your pidgeys, zubats, etc.

    • SlapHappyDude

      Oh, also lures seem to increase the chance a lot, but maybe that’s just because you see more total pokemon.

  • Update: It is indeed possible to locate starters in the same way as the other Pokemon, although they are considered very rare in many locations. The egg method is still a fantastic way to get lots of candies 😀

  • NomadRT

    Somehow I’ve found a bulbasaur and a squirtle in the wild near the interstate to and from my work. I was a bit surprised because I know they are typically starters. Not sure how it happened? Heck I haven’t even been playing as much as most people.