How To Get Hideo Kojima For Mother Base In Metal Gear Solid 5

How To Get Hideo Kojima For Mother Base In Metal Gear Solid 5
Did you know that you can unlock Hideo Kojima for your Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5? He is one of the best specialists in the game and you should unlock him as soon as you can. Check out this guide to find out how to get the creator of Metal Gear Solid in your Mother Base!

How To Get Hideo Kojima For Mother Base In Metal Gear Solid 5

I actually didn’t get this one until after I did main mission 45. This is a side mission called Intel Agent Extraction in Afghanistan. The picture up above is where you can find him on the map, he is a prisoner. You can sneak up the right side of the are and only have to deal with about 5 troops. I would interrogate one of them enemies just so you can get an exact location on your map as well. He is protected by two troops as well. I went in quick and did the double head shot with my assault rifle. Be careful with moving around, knocking chairs or vases over will alert people outside.

Head into the room with the prisoner and unlock his chains. You cannot extract him without a chopper, so call one in. Once you pick a spot, run there with Hideo and toss him on. You can leave with him if you want or stick around if you have more to do, your choice. I will be looking for more S ranked soldiers in the world to unlock for us. Pretty cool little easter egg.

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